Index - Sports - Sydney Crosby wrote History on Ice after a serious head injury

Index – Sports – Sydney Crosby wrote History on Ice after a serious head injury

Nine years ago, Sydney Crosby, who was 24, played a regular season match in the NHL 420. However, for the world’s best hockey player, not only was he number 1000, but even 421 seemed certain, the question was what If he were, if he had to end his career, that would be enough for him to be elected to the Hall of Fame. He has only managed to hit the ice 8 times in the past 13.5 months and has not been in good health in those matches either, despite having scored 12 points.

Pittsburgh’s Deja Vu lived as a man: Mario Lemio After that, they have a gift from God whose career also ends early. And yes, he was certainly included in the immortals in sport without a bone: he was the youngest captain in NHL history to lift the Stanley Cup, winning the King of Points (Ross Art Cup) and the King of Goals (Morris “Rocket” Richard Trophy), was chosen Once by the media (Heart Trophy) and once by teammates as Best Season (Lester B. Pearson Award).

Then there was the 2010 Vancouver, i.e. the Winter Olympics held on his home turf, where, in the sudden death of the Final, he scored the gold-medal goal against the US national team.

At the age of twenty-two, he became a national hero who caused an unprecedented cleansing of the country.

Less than a year later, on January 1, 2011, Washington DC, David Stickle Run hard in Winter Classic. Opinions have since split over how, according to the perpetrator, this was absolutely intentional.

At the time, the concussion was not being taken seriously (the case led to a major advance in the case), and Crosby not only played that match all the way, but was four days later in the first row for the Penguins against Tampa Bay Lightning, who is a defender Victor Headman Smudge on the back panel. At first glance, he didn’t touch Crosby’s head as hard as he did when he met Stickle’s shoulder, yet this was his last performance of more than 11 months.

Crosby dominated the NHL that season just like his great predecessor, Lemieux, until two collisions. He had a series of 25 points and scored 27 goals and 24 assists. It represented a separate level in this area.

However, his season ended half the time, with complete uncertainty followed by play. Two things could be known: He was suffering from a concussion and was not feeling well.

This is the type of injury in which the type, severity, and frequency of symptoms can vary, which is why it is almost impossible to predict when a person will recover.

Some people experience post-concussion symptoms for the rest of their lives.

In his case, too, everyone gropes in the dark. himself. Contradictory information appeared constantly while no one knew for sure.

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After about 70 days, he first ventured into ice, then remained completely alone, then gradually raised the intensity of the pregnancy very carefully, but even after a month there was no mention of any target date for his return. Meanwhile, the Penguins were eliminated in the first round of the qualifiers (another star of the team, Evgeny Malkin He was also a Marrodian), and Crosby soon announced that he had suffered a worsening of his condition. Then we wrote in April, then we resumed dry training in June and ice training in July, already in September he was already preparing for the next season with the team in training camp.

It improved very slowly, and was finally back on November 21, 2011 (when the tournament was already in full swing), after 320 days.

Of course, the American and Canadian national television channels caused a sensation, and the happy celebration broke out in the sixth minute of the match at home against the New York Islanders, when he showed at the same time that his speed and back were as well. Just like before.

Once he got there, he scored another goal and provided assists. Everyone breathed until he reached his heart again on December 7th. The club announced that day that Crosby would miss two matches as a precaution, and the two would eventually become another forced rest of 101 days. Fans and the media have also been looking for answers to what happened. Did you have another hit or haven’t made a full recovery?

The next sequence of scenes became the answer. Boston Bruins Center, David Craigsey He hit him with the elbow in the head, but it didn’t sound that serious either, and Captain of the Penguins played that match too.

Symptoms reappeared, and although he was able to perform light exercise, he had to wear the distinctive red shirt for every snowboarding training, which meant he couldn’t touch it. The team’s doctors and specialists also proved to be powerless.

Then he got into the picture Tom Brady. At the suggestion of the NFL manager, Crosby approached him Dr. Robert S. Bray A neurologist made a new diagnosis: the center not only has symptoms after a concussion, but also has a problem with his neck. Rupture of single and double vertebrae, and some soft tissues are also damaged. At the time, we wrote in January 2012, which means he could easily have been subjected to abuse for 12 months.

Since then, he has said in several interviews that the idea of ​​holding back has occurred to him multiple times. However, a new type of treatment is starting to work. The headache slowly disappeared and he got the green light from the doctors on March 6, and was finally able to attend his full communication training.

Nine days later, he was again in the front row of the penguins, making two passes. He played in the last 14 meetings of the regular season and collected 25 points. Everything looked fine again, but in the end, Pittsburgh, who was also seen as an opportunity to win the cup, split in the first round of the playoffs against old rivals Philadelphia.

Convincing everyone he was okay, he got a 12-year contract extension from the club for a total of $ 104.4 million.

The 2012-13 season was shortened not only due to his body but also due to the wage dispute, but he was still the best in the world. And he scored 56 points in 36 games against his teammate, Brooks Orbic He jawed in front of him at the end of March, and I was disabled again for the next month.

The injury required surgery, but at least it didn’t cause another concussion. Although omitted, he was awarded a Ted Lindsay (formerly Lester B. Pearson) award for publishing in only 75% of the trimmed regular season.

Then came another qualifying failure, but in 2014 he again culminated in the Olympiad, that is, as captain of the team. He didn’t really participate in the tournament, he only scored one goal – of course in the final against the Swedes. At the same time, in the 2013-14 competition, he again became the points king in the NHL, welcoming Hart and Ted Lindsay.

A year later, he also wore the letter C at the World Cup, and Canada won the gold by winning each match. In doing so, Crosby became the 26th member of the illustrious Golden Triple Club, a group of hockey players who also won the Stanley Cup, Olympics and World Championships.

By the way, Crosby is still the only player to achieve all three successes as captain of the team.

The 15-16 season started slowly for him and the entire team, but the change of coach was good for everyone, so much so that the team didn’t stop until the Stanley Cup. Crosby added another trophy to his collection, which included the Con Smith Cup for Best Qualifiers. Earlier, the media had already started describing the matter which provided a quick response.

In September 2016, as captain of Team Canada, he also won the World Cup, where he became king of points and unanimously elected MVP. Although it burned …

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After the World Cup Finals, other concerns arose, as he missed the first six games of the regular season due to a concussion. But even before the panic broke out, it was already there at the seventh meeting. He finished the season with 44 goals, which means he takes the title Rocket Richard. Moreover, he also defended a title with the Penguins never before seen in the NHL for 19 years, and was able to take Conn Smythe home.

As long as he (and Malkin) are on the team, Pittsburgh should always be counted among the finalists, at least that was the team’s overall perception. But in recent years, they have consistently performed poorly in the qualifiers, and this year the band has become the strongest team created due to the Coronavirus, and it is now doubtful whether the Penguins will participate in the qualifiers. It was at times like these, of course, that the Attractors would become scapegoats, and the Crosby name became more and more common in the exchange of rumors.

But it is very difficult to imagine this happening, although we have known since Gretzky’s work that anyone is interchangeable.

And so does Crosby, even though his name is associated with his hometown. He is the first to knock down 1,000 matches for a penguin, and the second most important player in club history after Lemio. Cameras have followed every step since he was a teenager, as he’s at least had as much hype around as he did in Gretzky or Super Mario. He was a miracle, and he also got a “next” code, and in fact, he didn’t even ask for a minute if he would grow up for the mission. He’s been the face of hockey since 2005, in addition to that Alexander Ovecskin The NHL also found him a real competitor in person, and with a duel, everything could always be sold.

Thankfully, he was able to celebrate his 1000th game against New York Islanders in Hungary on Sunday morning. Family members, colleagues, opponents and legends congratulated him. You could say, “Sid the Kid,” meaning the puppy is an adult, not asking what he might be capable of at age 33. Instead, the number of places in the permanent arrangement of your career and your accomplishments so far. Many believe it is in the top five.

And if someone is mentioned with Gretzky, Lemieux, Bobby Orr, and Gordie Howe on a page so their career isn’t over yet, it may not matter what he puts on the table in the years to come.

Most importantly, the match counter did not stop at 420, But it increased to 1000, And who knows where the end is.

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