Index - Sports - Short track speed skating: Another gold doubled, Sándor Liu Shaolin here

Index – Sports – Short track speed skating: Another gold doubled, Sándor Liu Shaolin here

On Saturday, the Hungarian medal was born in a series of speed skaters on a short track at the 26th World Cup station, where Sandor Liu Shaolin won the 500m final. The Hungarian class has so far defeated him, winning the sprint race on Sunday after winning on Saturday.

a National sport According to the article, never before has a fast track skater on a Hungarian short track beat the same distance on both days in a World Cup competition.

By the way, Liu Shaolin had the opportunity to do this because there is a distance at every stop in the chain that takes place twice, and that was 500 meters in Shanghai. This time, South Korean Lee Joon Seo was second and Canadian Stephen Dubois ranked third.

In the 1000 meters, he also marched to the final without any hindrance, like the brother of Olympic champion Liu Shauang. In the final with five men, he skated fourth for a long time, then in his hair first, ahead of the five-year gold medalist and Russian Simeon Yelstratov, who is preparing with the Hungarian national team in the summer, then South Korea’s Park Ji-won, so he finished second.

The championship champion and world record holder in the 5,000-meter relay race of Liu Shaolin, Liu Shauang, Ullah and Kruger mostly skied in second place two-thirds of the distance, then fell to third. In the end, Liu Shaoang outdid his South Korean rival, but was no longer able to catch up with the Russian finalist. The Hungarian Quartet is now in third place, improving its position in the SME Score Contest. Canada won first place in the women’s SME relay, and the two Hungarians were eliminated in the semifinals on Saturday.

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