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Index – Sports – Shanghai and Budapest did what the United States and Japan did as well

Index – Sports – Shanghai and Budapest did what the United States and Japan did as well

Among other things, report this. Thomas Bach The president, in a limited press conference, in which the only Hungarian participant, Nemzeti Sport, summarized his experiences of the competition organized at the Ludovika campus, which ended on Sunday, when asked by National Sport.

“First of all, I congratulate Budapest and Hungary on this great success, and we are really very happy too. – React to the fact that according to the latest data, there were more than 60,000 visitors at the event during the four days, where participants competed for the Paris stakes in sport climbing, BMX freestyle, skiing and wild dancing. – “We are happy with the results achieved, but we are not only satisfied with the number of spectators, but also with the atmosphere created by the organizers.”

He also stated that the qualifying event was very well received on social media and in the digital community. He stressed that the feedback from the United States and Japan is very impressive, and they are encouraged by the success after the Paris Olympics, and they should also rethink the future format of the Olympic qualifying series for the Los Angeles Games.

Mark Adams The IOC Press Secretary added: The Budapest competitions were broadcast to a total of 128 countries and territories on linear and digital platforms.

Nemzeti Sport also asked Bach about the participation of Russian and Belarusian competitors. The former fencer confirmed that the fact that he missed the Moscow Olympics due to the boycott had a huge impact on his thinking and actions.

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“I have always believed that no athlete can be punished for what their government does if they do not support it. Furthermore, they cannot be punished for what their national Olympic committee does, if they do not support everything.” – He said and then continued: That is why it was decided that athletes who did not support the aggression in Ukraine can attend the Olympics as neutrals. In each case, the competent commission will verify their eligibility to participate.

Thomas Bach He exchanged recent experiences and talked about the preparations for the Paris Olympics, which will start in a month, the final touches and the high atmosphere. He mentioned this based on reports and his field experience. “Paris 2024” ready.

Regarding other events, I also visited Paris over the weekend, and during every conversation I felt, saw and witnessed that the excitement was constantly building and that the organizing committee was well prepared.

He explained that the five Olympic rings are already welcoming travelers at the airport, the same can be seen in the forecourt of the Eiffel Tower, and stands are being built at Place de la Concorde. According to the president, the entire French society is beginning to rally around the games.

“It is amazing and I must say it is a pleasure to see the excitement growing. We feel it not only in the French people, but everywhere in the world. People have great expectations for the Games, as this event can be a unifying force in such a world.” Divided. People around the world are tired of the hate, aggression, conflict, bad news and fake news they face every day and this comes from the heart: they long for something that brings us back together, delivers positive, real news that shows what's really happening – and gives it all together Leading to the global anticipation that now precedes the Games.

Bach recalled that the IOC had divided the quotas equally between men and women in the spirit of gender equality, and that the urban nature of the Games would be more prominent in Paris than before, and that the event would be more sustainable, with emissions cut in half.

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On the issue of security, he said that in France they are doing their best to ensure this, and they cooperate closely with international partners and intelligence services of many countries. They pass on their knowledge to each other and provide each other with human resources before the matches. You can see a high level of commitment.

The first person in the international pentathlon movement stressed: Everyone wants the Olympic Games to be held in safe conditions.


Cover photo: A temporary beach volleyball court has been built in the immediate vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, at Mars Square. (Photo: Mohamed Salah Eldin Abdallah Elsayed/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)