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Index – Sports – Scandal in the curling match between Canada and Denmark

Index - Sports - Scandal in the curling match between Canada and Denmark

There were rare scenes of the Canada-Denmark match in the Friday round of the Women’s Curling Championship. Anger mounted over one of Al Kindi’s (team captain) overtaking decisions, which many say contradict the core spirit of the sport, which is known for its endless atmosphere.

A feature of fair play in sport is that Rachel Homan’s solution sparked protest despite the captain’s world captain acting by the rules.

Events took a dramatic turn in the fifth ending (in the game) when one of the Danes touched a stone that was still moving. This is an offense called burning stone in artistic parlance. In this case, the innocent team captain has three options:

  1. Ignore the violation,
  2. Rearranges the stones as if they were in the absence of irregular interference,
  3. He takes the burning stone out of the game.

Although the touch was almost imperceptible and modified at least the slip of the stone slightly, Homan chose the third option, which he considered the most radical in the sport, namely, to remove the Danish stone from the game. Although it remained within the rules, the solution was not limited to the Danes and ExpertsBut he also angered his countrymen. After the accident, Twitter was filled with angry posts from curling fans, with some saying that Homan must have forgotten to represent his country, while others said that removing the stone was more embarrassing than the presence of the three teams who lost all three matches despite their presence. Opportunities.

Homan also made a mistake, according to Joan McCusker, the 1998 Canadian national who won the 1998 Olympic Games.

I think it was a hasty decision to remove the stone. He should have left her in the play because what he did was paint a very bad picture of him.

Presumably Homan’s decision was influenced by the fact that Denmark led 4-2 in the match when the error occurred. But then Canada scored 4 points while the Danes scored zero, so the place turned 6-4. In the end, the karma only subsided, with the Danes later drawing 8-8, then in extra time, Homan made a huge foul on the last stone, thus the Danish team won the match 9-8.

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After the meeting, the Danish captain, Madeleine Dupont, expressed her frustration with her competitor’s dissolution.

I wouldn’t do that, but we’re not the same. I will not be angry with this, he does what he wants.

When asked if he had won better after the disagreement, he answered honestly, “Yes, better.”

On the other hand, Homan said he only followed the rules. “There are more options like that. We made this mistake in the past, and our stones were taken out of the game. So this really happened to us, and it happened to them now. I think it depends on the rules.”

With the defeat, Canada’s situation became very difficult, with the remaining team having to score 0-3 to win the next six matches, while the Danes claimed one win and two defeats after the tour.

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