Index - Sports - Not surprising here: Canadian success in women's hockey

Index – Sports – Not surprising here: Canadian success in women’s hockey

In the final, which was played in front of 4,000 spectators at Fukusong Arena due to coronavirus rules – which was also watched by Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee – the two sporting superpowers came together. Women’s hockey has been in the Olympics since 1998, with the Americans winning the first and last games and Canada winning fourth, and Only these two groups have won gold medals at the World Championships.

They already met in Beijing during the group fights, then 4The Canadians won for 2.

The final began with an American stand, where the group fell into the side net, and in the eighth minute the Canadians scored two goals. First, Natalie Spooner fired under the bar, but the Americans requested a video arbitrator and it turned out that 20 seconds before the landing they had already entered the attacking third, so the hit was canceled. In the next action Sarah Nurse got a great pass and fired from the sting into the goal so that the puck touched both goalkeepers.

Even in this part of the game, Mary Phillip Boleyn stole a disc in the American zone, his shot bouncing off Savannah Harmonon so Alex Cavallini couldn’t defend. Pauline flashed again in the middle of the match, hitting the net after a rebound until the ball bounced off the goalkeeper’s foot.

The US national team gained momentum under human handicap, with Hilary Knight closing in in the 37th minute. The defending champion also had serious positions in the final inning, but shot them all over the edge. Amanda Kessel was injured by a dropped goalkeeper at the time, but only 13.5 seconds left.

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