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Index – Sports – More surprising details about the Canadian swimmer’s night of adventure in Pest

Index - Sports - More surprising details about the Canadian swimmer's night of adventure in Pest

People know less and less what to think about Mary Sophie Harvey, and about the increasingly murky night of June 25, which began as a good post-World Cup party at Gigi’s party at Lánchíd Bridgehead in Pest, and ended up somewhere in the streets of Pest after Unexplained ordeals – if it ever ends up being too late, because the 22-year-old Canadian swimmer has some sort of surprise in store every day.

Now, for example, he held a press conference online on Friday, and his recording can be viewed here:

Harvey confirmed that he attended a party on the night of the 25th, after the swimming competitions, where swimmers from many countries enjoyed themselves. Marie Sophie was accompanied by her friends and fellow swimmers to a nightclub called Gigi at the head of the Lanchid Bridge in Pest, after which they also found the swimmer somewhere in the street in Pest, unconscious.

He said it was still not clear to me what had happened to me from the moment I was still fine to the moment I knew myself again. “But it still makes me terribly concerned about what they might have done to me at the time.”

The swimmer didn’t file a complaint in Budapest, and won’t, because she doesn’t think it would make sense anyway.

To be honest, I didn’t really care about it for the first 24 hours, and I wasn’t desperate until I got home in Canada and saw the bruises all over my body. I wonder what could happen to me, who could have caused these injuries? asked himself.

Let’s say, one has the right to ask the question, how did you only notice the bruises at home, in Canada?

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According to Harvey, he received an invitation to Gigi from a Hungarian swimmer, but did not mention the name of that Hungarian swimmer. (However, this will greatly help in finding out the truth.) It is said again in the video that several Canadian swimmers were hanging out with Harvey (Index also found that the French swimmers also had fun in the pub, including the great Discover World Cup, Leon Marchand, winner of the 200 and 400 medley), and civilians also attended the event, which was advertised as the “World Swimming Championships After Party”. However, it is not clear who the organizer was.

Harvey says in the recording that when he regained consciousness on the street, his wallet, cell phone, and documents were missing, but when he returned to the pub, they were returned to him, except for the disposable camera, which he was unable to find.

He suspects that there may have been misleading recordings that they did not want to return to him.

Harvey also mentioned that others told him of experiences in which they may have been drugged. The swimmer rules out that she was drunk, which is why she got a break from the movie.

Harvey also mentioned in the video that he wanted to get a toxicology test, but the hospital he went to told him it was too late.

Another interesting circumstance is that while the bruises on his body are already recovering well, Harvey tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday of this week.

Of my injuries, he said, my rib sprain and concussion were the most serious, but now that I’ve started training again, my upper body hurts as well. However, mental injuries are more worrisome than physical injuries.

What bothers and hurts me the most is that the people I’ve talked to are all telling me that I should have a lot of alcohol and that I should take better care of myself next time. I didn’t kick it though, I drank a total of four cups, and was perfectly fine until the moment the film suddenly broke.

To this, Nathan White, a spokesman for the Canadian Swimming Federation of Canada, added that they do not blame Harvey for a minute, so that they do not fall into the sin of blaming the victim. On top of that, all medical and other aids are given for swimming so you can tackle the stories.

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However, it remains unclear what exactly happened on the chaotic night of June 25, 2022, in and out of Gigi on the streets of Pest.

Modernization: According to the unanimous account of several Hungarian swimmers—who were there on the night of June 25 at Gigi’s—Mary Sophie Harvey was so drunk that she poured a glass of the drink down the neck of a detective. However, this is not mentioned in the video above.

(Cover photo: Marie Sophie Harvey in 2017 at the Budapest Water Park Branch Championship. Photo: Ian McNicol/Getty Images)

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