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Index – Sports – In the spirit of Tahiti, the Hungarian elite gathers in Portugal

Index – Sports – In the spirit of Tahiti, the Hungarian elite gathers in Portugal

The world of surfing is not just for professionals

One of the main organizers of HSF, Zoltan Bakro They are preparing not only for a simple surfing competition, but also for a national festival for Hungarian sports fans, where everyone from beginners to advanced can participate, he said.

“Surfing lessons, yoga, beach volleyball tournaments, theory workshops, concerts, parties and many other programs await those interested,” said two-time Hungarian and one-time Czech-Slovak-Hungarian champion Bakro, who ran a surf house. On the coast of Caparica in Portugal for seven years, he taught surfing for 12 years, mainly to Hungarians.

The highlight of the event is of course the competition, which is held under the system of the Hungarian Surfing Federation (MSZSZ) – not to be confused with the Association of Surfers – and although the HSF cannot be considered an official Hungarian surfing championship, the organizers aim to achieve this in the future.

There will be an open category for shortboards in the competition, which is an Olympic number by the way (Next year, away from the main venue in Paris, the best will hit the waves in Tahiti), 48 male and 16 female competitors could start (Additional applicants can participate as reserve), and there are still a few places for both genders. Two types of final scores are announced in these categories, there will be a composite score as well as a final score listing only verified athletes.

Organizers expect 20-24 participants on the longboard, and there will also be team competitions and other competitions that provide excitement for beginners and non-advanced players, which are unofficial numbers that are not official competitions, but serve as recreational sports – a total of about 150 people can compete in the various categories.

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There will be one surf camp, They can accommodate 64 beginners (there are still a limited number of places available here), during which even those who have never tried this sport can learn the secrets of surfing and can participate in the above-mentioned events.

All additional information about terms and conditions of entry is available at Event location You can find it.

The surfing situation in Hungary is not very good these days

Unfortunately, the local competitions have not been so lucky lately. Four people were still able to take part in the children’s competition, which was postponed until the end of August (including a competitor in Sósvíz Hullámlovas Sport Alápítvány) at the wave pool of Palatanius Spa, Beach and Hullámfürdő. The tournament had to be canceled for technical reasons.

Specifically, the wave pool has not been operated – in accordance with the facility’s planned beach closure – since September 3, so even if local surfers try to fight each other to no avail, this cannot happen on Thursday and Friday.

However, the option is still open – in limited numbers – in Portugal.

(Cover image: Hungarian Surf Festival 2022)