Index - Sports - In Fehérvár, they fear MOL will step down because of the team's running

Index – Sports – In Fehérvár, they fear MOL will step down because of the team’s running

The semi-fan’s fallout on Sunday against Ferencvaros – it’s been as much as the Fradi-Újpest ‘derby’ for years now – was more exciting than the match itself, which he won effortlessly 2-0. a hero. . After the bombing, some players from Fehérvár – with Attila Fiola in front, Stopira, Nego, Nikolics, goalkeeper Dániel Kovács – went in front of the local B-middle, a BRD Ultras fan brigade, and all that could be seen on TV was a spectator streaming Fiola , by the time the national team defender wants to go out to fight among the spectators, goalkeeper Kovács must catch his teammate in this way.

The verbal battle between the fans and the players continued for several more minutes, followed by the great dust statement of goalkeeper Kovac, the most exciting part of which was quoted:

There are behavior problems, as long as there are such problems, there is nothing to talk about, talk about unnecessary tactics, you can train, you can dismiss the fifth and sixth coach, but I see the problems in the situation. Few players do not feel the problem, but more than that. […] The players trust Michael Boris that he’s from the club, that’s another matter. He came out of the worst of this story yet, falling down a cliff where we were sliding downhill with her.

We do much better if we visit, the website of the circle of friends, where members of the forum do not wear a voluntary mask. One fan of Vyacheslav’s nickname wrote about Viola’s big scene:

I don’t know what he was really expecting. Congratulations on the record? Even in the year of our demise (1999 – ed.), we were never in such a pit as it is now, heaven and earth is opportunity then and now. By the way, it’s good that Fityó (Fiola) accepted the coat of arms while negotiating with KZ (former sporting director Zoltán Kovács) to go purple.

SicTransitGloriaVidi has taken the form of humor.

B.szki, in addition to such a physical performance and lack of it, is there a free beer?

Summaq’s opinion:

Four bathing in beer. Fityó, Niko, Stopi, Nego, and maybe even Kovács. There were times when alcohol was sprayed because we became heroes, and now because we might be wiped out. […] I am suitable for both. Anyone who thinks it’s not part of football should go to the theater.

Dirceu already floats for another coach change:

If Darday came, I’d be curious because he was convinced he didn’t want to come away. But come on, because it’s our last chance this damn season.

Gypsum also hopes for the arrival of Pál Dárdai, who is not without logic, as Palkó’s son also plays in Vidi:

Boris is totally unsuitable for the job, if he stays, we’ll fall in love with him. Someone wrote here that Dárdaai will be appointed this week fény in light of which I would be very happy for him, as our three coaches so far (Marton, Zabic and Boris) do not deserve as much of it. And if you accept, I think you have a guarantee that “our hands will not be released”.

We spoke to Ferenc Csongrady, the club’s legendary footballer, and one of the champions of the 1985 UEFA Cup career. He told us a lot about it, but then asked us to write:

I’m afraid they put a lot of pressure on the team before the season when they said they had to win the championship. This tire is suitable for winning 4th place at most, but it should not be less. Now he is fighting to avoid relegation, although I don’t think he will be eliminated, as other teams in the lower House will still lose a lot of points.

My sources close to the club put the annual MOL Fehérvár budget at HUF 10-11 billion, which may be roughly on par with Ferencváros, or perhaps slightly less than the Greens’ budget. Everyone denies that Faraday’s budget will be smaller than that of White Castle, but even if it is larger, all this does not justify the huge difference between the two clubs in recent years. Fradi has been the dominant player in Hungary since 2019, Fedi has won second and third places since the 2018 championship title, and he is now completely broke. The fact that Vidin has had 12 coaches since 2013 also testifies to this (José Gomez, Juan Carrillo, Bernard Cassoni, Tamas Peto, Ferenc Horvat, Henning Berg, Marco Nicolex, Carrillo, Gabor Marton, Tamas Szalay, Emre Sabex, Michael Boris), While Frady has only four: Thomas Doll, Sergey Rebrov, Peter Stoger and Stanislav Cherchesov.

It’s fun to listen to VTTV, the latest broadcast from YouTube for fans.

Here, among other things, they talk about the fact that there was no team unity, the clicking began, and the situation worsened several times in the locker room. It has been suggested that Oszkár Világi, owner of Dunaszerdahely, bought an ETO in Győr, Világi is in the top management of MOL, the third in control, and now they fear in Fehérvár that MOL will take its money from Vidi due to its vulnerability to the ETO. Because the contract with the oil company is said to expire this summer with István Garancsi.

She says a speaker is destroying Mall’s prestige by supporting a poor dew club, and there’s just something about that. In any case, there is a general fear that the NOC will continue to support Geyer in the future.

That’s the way things are now in Sóstó, and all four VTTV speakers are missing the position of leaders – either club president Istvan Garanchi or sporting director Istvan Saloy – to say the reason for the deep journey and what to expect in the future.

(Cover photo: Frustrated fans splashing a drink to Stopira in Székesfehérvár, Dániel Kovács, Attila Fiola, Loó Negó and Nemanja Nikolics [b-j] Played in Round 24 of the OTP Bank Football League after the MOL Fehérvár FC – Ferencváros TC match at MOL Arena Sóstó in Székesfehérvár on March 13, 2022. Photo: Tamás Vasvári/MTI)

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