Index - Sports - Hungarian short-track trackers have twice won the World Cup

Index – Sports – Hungarian short-track trackers have twice won the World Cup

The quarter-finals brought an unpleasant surprise to the Hungarians in that as the world champion in number Liu Shaolin Alexander It was unexpectedly dropped to 14th place. Meanwhile, his younger brother and Olympic silver medalist Krueger, who was still in the American colors three years ago, advanced in the first two spots of the race in the same race, and were in the top five as race winners.

The final was entirely based on the tastes of the Hungarians. Six laps before the end, the Olympic, world and European champions took the lead Liu Shuang, Roll behind him later came in second KrogerHenceforth, they did not let the race out of their hands. Two years later, younger brother Liu again won the individual competition. Pascal Dion of Canada, who finished fourth this time, took the lead in the vk points race.

only Hungarian for women, Petra Jászapáti He was interested in the final fights, and Szeged’s rival was promoted to the semi-finals, where, due to his strong career, he no longer had a chance to reach the finals. But in the semi-finals, he was overtaken by an opponent, and took ninth place, winning the gold medal from South Korea’s Joy Min Jung. Among the Hungarians who were eliminated from the qualifiers Zofia Konya 26., while Rebecca from Silica Germany He finished 31st. The number was won by Susan Scholting, Dutch bronze medalist, who holds all distance titles.

In the semi-finals of the 2000m mixed relay, the Hungarian team was included in the lineup of Leo Shaolin, Krueger, Gaszapaty, Konya and there were no problems reaching the final. In the final, Liu Shaoang was placed in the top four instead of Krueger. Thanks to a good mid-race change, the Hungarians took the lead, but Konya also slipped two spots during his second ski. Liu Shaoang then outnumbered the Russian relay, but as the final man, Liu Shaolin failed to do so against the Dutch, so he was second to enter the Hungarian relay.

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In the men’s 5000m relay this time too Pines Nograd He was in the finals alongside brothers Leo and Krueger. The race took place peacefully for a long time, the Hungarians “traveled” in second and third places. Their strength, so the Hungarian team finished third behind the South Korean and Canadian quartet, which was the podium in all four stops of the championship, but it was I couldn’t win.

The Dutchman, winner of the women’s 3,000m relay, won, while the Hungarians, who were disqualified from the quarter-finals, finished 14th.

Regarding the Olympic quotas, according to the calculations of the Hungarian team, at an altitude of 1000 meters – as well as at 500 and 1500 – the situation was that the men received the maximum starting rights, while the women combined with two.

Of the three relays, men and medleys qualified for the five ring games, but women did not. In all, this means that five men and two women will be able to travel to Beijing.

Next year’s Beijing Five Games will see 36 runners and women over 1,500 meters, 32-32 over 500 and 1,000 meters, and eight in relays. Among the four SME competitions, the three best results were calculated. It will be new for the mixed relay, which has so far won only two gold medals at the World Championships, to be introduced into the Olympic programme. Not only is it sufficient to close in the top 12 to win the right to start, it is also necessary for the country to have at least two individual stakes for both genders.

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After Beijing and Nagoya, the third leg was hosted in Debrecen, and the VK series ended in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

The end result of vk:
1000m men: 1. Pascal Dion (Canada) 20,800 points … 5. Krueger John-Henry 11 421, 6. Lius Shaoang 10775, … 8. Muhammad Ali Abdullah Al-Harbi 7871
men’s 5000m relay: 1. Canada 28,000 points… 3. Hungary 20,800
ladies & # 39 ; 1000 m 1. Susan Schulting (Netherlands) 28,000 points 17. Petra Yasabate 2343 … 23. Konya Zofia 1041, … 48. Schilze – Neamt Rebecca 27, … 61. Bácskai Sára Luca 7
Ladies & # 39 ; 3000 meters relay: 1. Netherlands 30,000 points… 11. Hungary 4781
2000m mixed gear: 1. China 28,000 points… 3. Hungary 19,520


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