Index - Sports - Huge Plama, she played a fifth shortest role in the NFL

Index – Sports – Huge Plama, she played a fifth shortest role in the NFL

After returning to NFL Canada for the first time in 2013, Buffalo Bills played in Toronto in the regular season, while now the Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders met in Winnipeg. On the other hand, the match brought about unexpected developments: The artificial turf on the track was found to be dangerous within one of the targeted areas.

Instead of 20 yards shorter and 100 yards, the match was played on an 80 yard track.

Due to the short track, there were no kicks early in the first half or after scoring.

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The hole in the artificial turf was caused by the fact that they played on the court for the Canadian Championship, CFL, in Winnipeg, where the goal is, not the baseline, but the goal in the middle of the field.

Winnipeg managers spent $ 40,000 moving goalposts to Thursday’s match, but one side failed to properly patch the artificial turf instead of the post that holds the goal post. The directors tried for a long time to solve the situation, but ultimately decided to shorten the length of the playing area from 100 yards to 80 yards.

The tournament was not otherwise shortened as the packs, for example, gave 33 players, including all novice players, a rest, and were not sent to the field for a moment. The final score was 22-21 in favor of the Raiders.

Not all of the other four Thursday matches were smooth sailing, with the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles, for example, being cut 12 minutes before the end of normal time due to lightning. The ranking was 26 to 15 in favor of the Ravens at the time, leaving the Baltimore team with 16 consecutive games against the Atlanta Falcons, who also played for the twelfth time in the regular season.

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  • New York Giants – Cincinnati Bengals 25-23
  • Baltimore Ravens – Philadelphia Eagles 15-26
  • Carolina Panthers – New England Patriots 3-10
  • Washington Redkins – Atlanta Falcons 7-19
  • Green Bay Packers – Auckland Riders 21-22

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