Index - Sports - Eriksen returns to Inter

Index – Sports – Eriksen returns to Inter

Italian media reported that the Danish midfielder had already met with Giuseppe Marotta, CEO of Inter, MTI wrote on Tuesday.

Eriksen, 29, fell on the field at the end of the first half of the group game against Finland, his heart immediately restarted with a defibrillator, and then opened his eyes 30 seconds later. After the life-saving intervention, he was taken to the hospital where his condition is stable.

He spent six days indoors, got a pacemaker, and then went home to Denmark. Since then, he has undergone several medical tests to find out the cause of cardiac arrest.

He is awaiting further inspections in Italy and does not expect to be back on the football field for at least half a year.

Depending on the cause of the cardiac arrest and the nature of the treatment, you may be banned from playing in Italy, but you can continue your career in another country, such as the Netherlands, because there are different rules. England also has strict rules for such cases, and Sanjay Sharma, a professor at St George’s University of London and head of the FA’s cardiology team, said earlier that the former Tottenham star would definitely not be allowed to play football in the UK.

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