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The Serbian player spoke of the players’ problems after defeating German Alexander Zverev in four sets in the Australian Open quarter-finals on Tuesday. Before the Grand Slam tournament, everyone from abroad had to undergo a two-week quarantine, as he could leave his hotel room for only five hours a day, but 72 had no luck, not even that long when he came to Australia on a trip infected with the Coronavirus .

This situation is not normal and we are not used to it. The key players are the fittest, and this has been proven many times, but now Matteo Berettini and Rafael Nadal have back problems, Sasha Zverev and I have abdominal wall injuries and Gregor Dimitrov is not healthy either, which can be tracked. Conditions

Explanation of the defending champion at the Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne. “We are waiting for answers from the ATP, which organizes the men’s tournaments, what is the plan with the tournaments after Australia, as the initial quarantine is not good for the players,” he added.

Djokovic, the 17-time GS champion, said he can imagine more tournaments in one place and on one cover as the next tournaments will be staged in Europe and the most hit North America.

Defeated Zverev also joined his opinion:

We cannot travel the world now, so we have to have multiple tournaments in one place. There could be no spectators in Europe anyway, so it didn’t matter where the competitions were

The German tennis player argued.

(Cover photo: Brandon Malone / AFP)

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