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Index – Sports – Christophe Melak is Athlete of the Year, Marco Rossi is Coach of the Year

Index – Sports – Christophe Melak is Athlete of the Year, Marco Rossi is Coach of the Year

For men, a short track speed skater Liu Chawangthe swimmer Christophe Milack and swordsman Áron SzilágyiFor women, the quintet Michel’s goulashgymnast Zsovia Kovacs and hamper Luke Cusack He was among the top three.

The category winners were formed on the basis of 423 votes. In traditional team sports, the men’s soccer team Ferencváros, the men’s soccer team and the women’s basketball team of Sopron Basket, and in individual sports, the men’s and women’s saber teams, as well as the kayak duo of Pence Ndas and Balint Kobasz. Coach of the Year is the manager of the women’s water polo team Judge Attilacaptain of the Italian national football team, Marco Rossi Besides, he led short track skaters to success at the Beijing Winter Olympics Lina Xang Cheng and Akos Panhide He has a chance.

He was among the award recipients Katalin Novak President of the Republic and Fabio CapelloEx-coach of the Real Madrid football team and 11-time Paralympic champion, Henrietta Woolf also.

The awards ceremony was elegantly opened by KFT’s classic, the song “Bál az Operabán”, performed live by András Laár. Then Gyorgy Zulusi, President of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association, greeted the athletes, Hungarian sports leaders and politicians who attended and those who could not.

The first category awarded was Paralympic Sports Team of the Year, which had been awarded by Women’s wheelchair fencing team I got eSportsman of the year Adam Torzas who plays for the German MOUZ team, and reached the top four in the IEM Rio CS:GO major tournament, which no Hungarian e-sportsman has been able to do before.

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The Coach of the Year award was given to one of the guests of honor at the ceremony, Fabio Capello Handed to his compatriot the captain of the Hungarian national football team, To Marco Rossi. The team of the year in individual sports was the women’s team Epee, and the quartet of Katinka Sugar-Batai, Renata Katona, Lisa Botstay and Luka Szoks brought home from Cairo the world championship gold.

As a bit of amusement, the specialist entertained the audience, whose bluff, in the end, was his Agnes Keleti The five-time Olympic gymnast, who celebrates his birthday today, was greeted by the audience with a standing ovation. The awards ceremony continued, and the recreational sporting event of the year was Balaton Swimming, and the Disabled Athlete of the Year. Bab Bianca He was selected for and received the award from Henrietta Farkas.

Best sporting moment of the year It was Christopher Zachariassen’s goal against Monacowhich Ferencváros won the Spring Cup. This was the biggest surprise so far, because it preceded the world swimming record of Christophe Melak and the individual Olympic gold medal of Liu Shao’an…

general athletic Luke Cusack who won a silver medal in the 100m at the European Championships in Munich. In 2022, he also improved his record in the indoor 60 hurdles to 7.92 and the outdoor 100 hurdles to 12.70. Disabled Athlete of the Year Award Peter Ball Case who won a gold medal in the 200m KL1 at the Canadian Kayak World Championships – his third in a row after 2019 and 2021 – and also won a triple in the same event at the European Championships in Munich.

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Male Athlete of the Year Melac Christophot He was selected, who won another stunning world record with a 200 (1:50.34) at the Budapest World Water Championships, and then could not find a winner in the 100m either. At the European Championships in Rome, he won gold not only in the two butterfly events, but also in the 4 x 200 relay, and also won two silvers in the 100 and 4 x 100 relays.

The Team of the Year in the traditional team sports category is the A’s Hungarian national football teamwho beat the English back-to-back in the 2022 Nations League and scored four points against the Germans, wasted only reaching the quarter-finals against the Italians in the first division in the last round.

The last honor of the evening, the MSÚSZ Lifetime Achievement Award, was presented by an excellent kayak instructor, Fabiánné Katalin Rozsnyói Obtained from sports journalists. The ceremony closed with the previous year’s biggest Hungarian hit, Úristen, presented by VALMAR and Róbert Szikora.

(Cover photo: Luca Kozak and Christophe Melak. Photo: Peter Papajcic/Index)