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Index - Sports - Canada burned, no hockey gold

Index – Sports – Canada burned, no hockey gold

What few thought before the Winter Olympics actually took place, on the day of the men’s hockey semi-finals: It was decided that Canadian hockey players would go home without a gold medal. It was no small feat that the United States suppressed Canada in the women’s final – albeit in a massive battle in the sixth shootout – but the surprise bombshell came on Friday.

The Germans won the German-Canadian semi-final 4-3, so they could play for Olympic gold in the other semi-final with the Russians beating the Czechs 3-0. Germany has never been in the Olympics finals – they’ve won a bronze since 1932, not won it in four years – which means they’ve made sporting history with their semi-final victory, while nine-time champion and defending champion Canada is not in the final yet. 2006 (but the worst result ever). ranked better than seventh).

The Russians may be in a good mood, not only because the hockey players reached the finals of the Olympics (they were the last finalists in 1998, and have not been on the podium since 2002), but also because they won their first gold at the tournament. The penultimate day before the Olympics. Success is the name of the 15-year-old figure skater Alina Zagitova, who arrived in Pyongyang without a quota, and success was expected from Yevgeny Medvedev. You can read our photo of Zagitova here >>>

However, worms also mingled with Russian joy, as they say. The second Russian doping case was also revealed: Nadegia Sergeyeva, who took 12th place in the women’s figure skating arena, failed.

Canada, on the other hand, did not have a great day: the defending champions not only made it to the finals, but also lost the bronze medal against Switzerland. In addition, today’s fall was for a Canadian athlete, and that was also very painful. In one of the early races in the women’s cross-country race, Indian Sheritt fell, trying to correct her first mistake, but she made a lot of trouble trying to straighten it out, arriving at a teaser that basically only passed, the next in full body. After prolonged care, he was taken from the field on a stretcher (others were more fortunate than him, even in the evening). True, the Canadians took first and second places in the same number: Kelsey Sirois beat Brittany Vaillant.

We’re out from fall on Friday, too. Figure skater Yvette Toth, who danced in a freestyle after the tantalizing free program AC/DC, went down with just 97.21 points. The Hungarian athlete eventually finished the Olympics in 23rd place.

And what was still Friday

  • The short gold medal was captured by the men’s short relay race, and the medals were awarded by Pal Schmidt.
  • Norwegian footballers have claimed a bronze medal in the doping case in Pyongyang.
  • After 26th place four years ago, Konrad Nagy has now finished 21st in the 1000m speed skating. The winner was Kild Neuss from the Netherlands.
  • The Swedes won the biathlon relay ahead of the Norwegians and Germans.
  • Norway set an American medal record at the 2010 Winter Olympics: it already has 37 seats on the podium and still has a medal chance in the weekend.
  • In women’s curling, South Korea will finish with the Swedes.

medal table

gold silver bronze gold silver Bronze
Norway 13 14 10
Germany 13 7 6
Canada 10 8 9
United States of America 8 7 9
Holland 8 6 4
Sweden 6 5 0
France 5 4 6
Austria 5 2 6
South Korea 4 4 4
Switzerland 3 6 4
Japan 3 5 3
Italia 3 2 5
Belarus 2 1 0
China 1 6 2
Russians 1 5 8
Czech Republic 1 2 3
Slovakia 1 2 0
Great Britain 1 0 3
Poland 1 0 1
Hungary 1 0 0
Ukraine 1 0 0
Australia 0 2 1
Slovenia 0 1 0
Finland 0 0 4
Spain 0 0 2
New Zealand 0 0 2
Kazakhstan 0 0 1
Latvia 0 0 1
Liechtenstein 0 0 1

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