Index - Sports - Boris Becker was found guilty by the court

Index – Sports – Boris Becker was found guilty by the court

A London court has written that former world-leading German tennis player Boris Beckert is guilty of four counts Deutsche Welle.

The former six-time Grand Slam winner filed for bankruptcy five years ago. He had to put some of his valuables up for auction before. He made the most money when he received £150,250 for a Silver Cup made at Tiffany’s.

However, he did not auction all the items, some of which he claimed to be they disappeared.

Boris Becker was first held responsible for Diplomatic status He tried to take comfort, claiming that he was appointed ambassador for humanitarian affairs for the Central African Republic at the height of his career.

The daily Mail He writes that the athlete recently indicated his lack of financial knowledge and that he relied on bad advisors to make his decisions.

However, the attorney general did not accept the reasons that were assessed as an objection, so the former tennis class, which may have denied some of its current holdings as well as the trophies, is not exempted from liability.

Boris Becker denied all charges against him.

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