Index – Sports – Balint Kobasz: I have this shot, otherwise my career is over

I have this card, I have to play it

In October, the 25-year-old athlete just said he feels like this after the 2024 pentathlon competition. stop competing, In response to the index’s question, he also said what could decide in favor of withdrawing and what could decide to continue.

If I don’t get to the Olympics, or if the podium doesn’t meet, I’ll end it forever. If you get the performance in Paris and the medal, that will confirm that there should be a continuation after a year off

Balint Cubasz told INDEX.

“For me, not being fit for a long time is out of the question. If I’m in good shape next year, there’s a good chance I’ll be in Paris, where my form should be last year. the Others are also tired, and the juniors are not threatening the best of the final times at the moment. If I’m not in shape, I’m not satisfied with my performance, I feel like it’s not working, I’m not that fast, the ship isn’t going, then I don’t force myself into more races just for the sake of it, or to retaliate against anyone for hitting me. As long as it works fine, I’ll use it, if it doesn’t, I won’t force it. Now I have this card, I have to play it” he added.

We were also curious about what his trainer/mother, Erin Demeter, suggested. In this regard, Cubas said: This is his decision, which his mother respects.

He said that as long as I was happy to do so, he would take my walk, and support me in everything, Then he can retire when finished. If it were not for him, I would not have achieved such results. We make a great team, and we are glad that the years pass without problems and disagreements.

Balint Kobasz was the star of the Canadian World Cup

Photo: Laszlo Borbely / Index

To see the world, to live a young life

Last year’s Canadian World Cup star A young athlete, the best of the sport in the K–1 1000 stayed on the pavement after their race to see how Balint fared.

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With the knowledge of these, he made his statement months before the floating withdrawal It can completely move standing water. However, according to Kobasz, no one from the profession approached him after the news.

the They may have been very shocked by the announcement, but still It is reasonable They didn’t even take it seriously. They already know me well and they know that when I see that everything is fine, I won’t stop for good anyway.”

But what happens if that happens? What are your plans for the next phase of your life?

I have not yet decided what I want to do after my sports career. Ideas already exist, and they haven’t been published yet. When I’m done, I’d like to make up for the last few years. To see the world, to live a little life of youth, to gain inspiration, in whatever field I must be. In the past i was interested in collecting minerals, now in the world of diets and nutritional supplements, but what the future may hold remains to be seen.

Disease, infection, improved form

One of the main stages of the Paris Olympics will be the World Championships in Duisburg in August. However, only one Hungarian can compete in the K–1 1000m – unlike the Olympic Games, where two can start in the event – ​​the silver medalist in Tokyo Ádám Varga won the K-1 1000m race at the World Cup in Szeged with a confident sprintAnd Which, in the case of the two classics, came with the first pick this year.

Last year, Balint Kopassz spoke about it This for him is not training, but competitions, so that he can get in perfect shape, by comparison, he skipped selection before the World Cup.

A few days after the training camp in Seville, he fell ill, initially showing symptoms of a cold. Coming home from 32 degrees outside into the cold, windy weather obviously didn’t help, just as it was inevitable that – despite competitors trying to fight it with all sorts of practices – not to get wet on some level while rowing. Lab test also showed a slight suspicion of infection Not all food was thoroughly cooked during lunch and dinner out I tried to choose chicken that was overcooked but this can also cause problems

– summed up the ordeals at the beginning of the year Kobasz, who at the same time arrived at the World Cup in good shape.

“Thankfully, I got out of these, and now my body is starting to recover, but I’m not going to take my third place for that, because I was content with my current level, even if my three-week preparation wasn’t entirely smooth. My top level is still far away, my coach and I agreed on this, this level is not even close to what I can do. I did well in Seville I really like the heat I can do better I can probably handle it better in the field with less fat and a slimmer body just look at Tokyo Made around and after the competition Shots, on the other hand, less headwinds and hail. he added.

Not only the peak form, but also the time within 3:20 minutes set as a dream goal is still far away according to his feeling.

“At the end of the seven-week training camp, I did really well outside in Seville, but I was still way off my 3:20. A lot of conditions have to come together at this time, but you definitely need a gusty tailwind. I’m not going to be in Good condition at the World Cup in Poznań in two weeks so that’s realistic, but that wasn’t necessarily the goal this year either.This time, or even a little better [Varga] Ádám can really get it in Poznań, but it also needs favorable winds, which can be enjoyed a lot during the distance. I think other people also like to go this way more than they like to go upwind.

Dating – plans this year

As for continuing, the Tokyo champion has already started the two-week preparation from May 26-28 on Monday. To the World Cup in Poznań between On the other hand, if Kobasz wins the second act of fencing, a shootout between the two Olympic medalists may ensue.

Balint Kobasz won the K-2500m last year with Pence Nadas at the World Championships in Canada and at the European Championships in Munich. It sure is Nádas reached the top with Sándor Tótka in the Szeged competition.

that already Rlast year also I knew it was Sindor Totka this year He’ll come back, and then he’ll go with Penny Nadas. hedrunk couple for themI also like the way they go, no offense. last year during the first part It was a bonus that I went with him, that it That we managed to win is a special plus.

After missing the K-1 1000m in the kayak competitions organized as part of the European Games in Krakow between June 21-24, Kobasz will attempt the individual 500. If Varga eventually takes the number, multiples may be the workaround. But who could be his partner in this situation?

“I don’t know at the moment a couple that I would meet and be as comfortable as Pence was. Here, it can still be questioned whether they can compete in the European Games.” At the same time To go in both doubles and quads, how’s the competition program going there. First we have to look at how to plan the World Cup in Poznań, that’s the main focus, thousands of singles there, and then we can see if we need to find a partner for five hundred.” Balint Cubasz concluded.