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Index – Sports – Balent Kopasz defended his European Championship title with a distance of 1000 metres

Index - Sports - Balent Kopasz defended his European Championship title with a distance of 1000 metres

The day in Munich started well for kayaks and canoes ever since David Korisanzki And the Takax Kenso He also successfully passed his middle race in the C-1200 metres. In the men’s class, the 29-year-old boat driver from MTK finished third behind his Georgian and Lithuanian rivals in a big fight, so he too could take to the water in the afternoon finals. In the women’s class, the top three made it to the final as well, and here the 28-year-old’s routine competitor from Gyor, Takax, immediately broke into the lead after a good start, winning his race, retaining his position for the entire time. Its closing will take place on closing day on Sunday.

At the end of the afternoon Adolf Palaz The Hungarians opened up and finished eighth in the C-1 1000m.

This was followed by the K-1 1000m final, which Balint Ballinate Fight as a defending title. in the race Fernando Pimenta led for a long time – he was also the biggest opponent at the World Cup in Canada – but the Tokyo champions were able to change their rhythm past the halfway point, even leaving his Portuguese rival behind at the start. In the end, he won more than the length of a boat, thus winning the third European title of his career.

I am very glad that I came out in very good shape, although in the morning I felt a little depressed, and the humidity was quite high. However, I used very good tactics, which I am very happy with, as well as the fact that I was mentally strong, which is not easy in every 1,000 meter race. This is my greatest strength. In the last two hundred meters I managed to start something that broke Pimenta. We’ve been competing together for many years and I’ll admit it. It’s great to end this year like this. I am still proud that my coach and mom can work together so well and trust each other. I would like to have more of these beautiful races, to live with the results

– Evaluated by MTI.

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Sarah Vogt And the Pupp Noemi Her double came fourth in the women’s 500m doubles. Against their loneliness, they had previously set themselves the goal of appearing in the finals, so according to their promise, a rower without bets awaited them on Saturday: in the end, the bronze was not far away either …

The Giada Pragato and Bianca Nagy The duo won a silver medal in a competitive race at the same distance between the women’s canoe pairs: in the first half of the distance it seemed that third place would go to the duo, but then they could handle the heat better …

We didn’t have qualifying, and at the same time, it didn’t feel like our race was first. Since we’re out, we’ve been trying to plot the path. We’re still starting the U-23 World Cup in Szeged, and now I feel like it’s going to hurt a lot, because the pace is tight. I hope we can rest a bit now, I don’t have to travel to Szeged much anyway, so we can still get a good fit there.

Nagy said at the finish line.

The Istvan Kohli, Kolos Sismadia, Gergeli Balogh, Pines Nadas The K-4 unit was a bit stuck at first at the 500m, but then quickly cranked up to the middle, looking like it might be in contention for third place for a few moments. In the end, she took another fourth place for the Hungarian delegation.

And the series of fourth places did not end there: Anna Lutz In the K-1200 meters, he was also in the fight for the bronze, also unlucky in the last meters from the podium point of view.

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Second after last at “normal” distances David Korisanzki Arrived, our canoe was 5th at 200m, and finally Mark Balasca, Kolos Csizmadia He entered the starting machine twice in the K-2200m, and finally finished in seventh place.

The program continues shortly before 4:00 pm with the conclusion of the 5000m events. We will be able to fight for Adolf Baláz (C-1), Bálint Noé (K-1), Emese Kőhalmi (K-1) and Virág Balla (C-1).


Ek Canoe – Kayak (Munich)
our program
Men’s C-1 1000m – Adolf Ballas, 8th place
Men’s 1000m K-1 – Balint Cupasz, 1st place
Women’s K-2500m – Sára Fojt, Noémi Pupp, 4th place
C-2500m Women’s – Giada Pragato, Bianca Nagy, second place
Men’s K-4500m – Istvan Kohli, Kolos Csizmadia, Gergely Balogh, Bence Nádas, 4th place
Women’s K-1200m – Anna Lukes, 4th place
Men’s C-1200m – Dávid Korisánszky 5.
Men’s K-2200m – Mark Balasca, Siezmadia Colos, 7th place
Men’s C-1 5000m (Adolf Ballas) 15.52
Men’s K-1 5000m (Noé Bálint) 16.25
Women’s K-1 5000m (Kőhalmi Emese) 17.05
Women’s C-1 5000m (Pala Viraj) 17.45

(Cover Photo: Balint Kopasz won the men’s 1,000m kayak individual final at the European Kayak Championships to be held within the framework of the Munich European Multisport Championships on August 20, 2022. Photo: Kosticsák Szilárd / MTI)

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