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Index – Sports – Angry Canadian tennis player hit in the eye of the chief justice

Index – Sports – Angry Canadian tennis player hit in the eye of the chief justice

At the Davis Cup for Tennis Players, the best nations clashed in the top eight. The British guest in Canada advanced 3-2, but under incredible circumstances.

17-year-old Canadian Shapovalov hit a ball in his pocket in anger after hitting a defective blow to the back, which unfortunately hit the chief justice.

Sapovalov hit the judge angrily

He immediately apologized, but the judge decided to step down. Shapovalov was at a loss, but with this blow he entered tennis history.

Among the juniors, the winner of last year’s Wimbledon Grand Slam is, by the way, the player who ranks 234th in the world rankings. The judge’s eyes had to be instantly froze – it looked like he’d be getting his monoculars in a matter of moments – but there’s no news yet of further problems.

The 17-year-old later said, “I am horrified, ashamed of what I did, because he left my team and the whole country. Despite the apology, the International Federation punished the young man who paid seven thousand dollars (two million forints) for his check.”

The British will play the French in the next round, also far away, and Andy Murray should already be in the squad.

By the way, the bravely distinguished Hungarian national team can get Canada in the next lottery.
Among the current losers is a team opponent led by Marton Vosovic.

Here is the scoreboard.

  • Croatia – Spain 2-3
  • Canada – Great Britain 2-3
  • Germany – Belgium 1-4
  • Serbia and Russia 4-1
  • USA – Switzerland 5-0
  • Japan – France 1-4
  • Australia – Czech Republic 4-1
  • Argentina – Italy 2-2 – Center
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