Index - Sports - Abolishing Hockey Sticks 2021 Section 1

Index – Sports – Abolishing Hockey Sticks 2021 Section 1

According to the FIFA announcement, all fights except for the Group A Women’s and Men’s World Championships and the U-18 and Under-20 Men’s World Cup will be canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The association commissioned a health advisory organization to analyze the current and projected situation, which recommended holding the fewest possible championships.

René Vasil, President of the IIHF, said that all deserved tournaments could only be organized in bubble form, but that sufficient resources were not available.

The 2021 World Cup was originally supposed to be held in 2020, but has been postponed for a year due to the pandemic.

The Hungarian national team could have played in the First Division / World Championship with Slovenia, South Korea, Austria, France and Romania between 9 and 15 May 2021.

The Elite Women’s World Cup, hosted by Canada in principle in April with a delay of one year, the Elite Men’s World Cup jointly hosted in Riga in May and June, the Elite Men’s Under-18 World Cup in April in the United States, and 2021 were not taken. No decision this time on postponing the men’s Olympic qualifiers to August, as they remained unchanged in the program. Hungarians are also interested in the Women’s World Cup and the qualifiers for the five rings.

This time, the International Federation of Football Association (IIHF) has canceled 18 tournaments, totaling 28 events, in its 2020/21 tournament calendar.

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