Index - Sports - A successful Hungarian parade against Canada, our women's jerseys play against Argentina for eight!

Index – Sports – A successful Hungarian parade against Canada, our women’s jerseys play against Argentina for eight!

Last summer, in the qualifiers of the World League, the Hungarian women’s water polo team won relatively smoothly, scoring four goals against Canada, before which the two goalkeepers were competing closely. That same summer, for example, the North Americans also won 13-12 in the World League, preceded by two goal-rich matches, the 2019 World Cup (15-14) and the 2019 World League (16-1).14 US wins.

The two national teams at the 2017 World Cup also clashed in the Alfred Hajos Sports Pool: but that story did not end well. The national team led by Attila Peru lost 6-4 and threw all four hits in one quarter in the second half – after which he could not score for more than 16 minutes. With this, Keszthely’s Rita’s dream of celebrating a medal at a local pond shattered. At least for that year…

In the past, a fourth place in 2017 was more of a tiered result than a milestone in women’s water polo history in Canada. Prior to that, the maple leaf variety took 11th place in Russia and 9th in South Korea.

While the match five years ago was the end of a dream, this time around it wasn’t all about it. Since Italy, who beat us on Wednesday, beat Colombia, it was decided before the first swim, the Hungarian team can only finish second in the group at best, so they have to play on Sunday in the quarter-finals. The real question was, who will be the weekend discount? Holland or Argentina, which is farthest from the weight category?

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The first quarter didn’t score many goals, then we had to wait three minutes for the first time – but we scored: Dorka Szilágyi was successful from five metres. Soon, Greta Gorissati raised the fortress to two. However, he even went against the Italians…the Canadians could only break the Hungarian defense in a double human advantage after nearly six minutes of play, thus 2-1 position change.

We kept controlling the game. It was an encouraging sign that Alda Magyari, who had only four defenses in the entire match against the Italians, was in the same spot after just ten minutes. Gorissati increased the difference to two goals again in the 10th minute, but the Canadians did not part so much. In vain we entered again and again with two, the beautician came on schedule. Axel Krever responds to Dóra Leimeter’s injury in the first half from a situation that was pushed out (5-4).

After the turn, the streak was finally broken, after hitting Rita Kisthely-Nagy, Sohi Gurpret threw the ball up the right by meters, and Szilágyi changed his position to 7-4 from the counterattack.

Alda Magyari came with another great defense, then after a hasty human superiority we were lucky with the guard, and as soon as he came back to us, Keszthelyi, not believing with him, beat him to the right of the gate. In just two minutes, the Hungarian national team gained a huge advantage. This time, the Gate Tree also helped us, and another human tape gave us the opportunity for the fifth step. The referee called for time, and Keszthelys passed the ball in such a way that it fit the magnetic board, the latter firing the long ball with his right hand – completely smashing the Canadians (9-4). The North American team couldn’t even make out in the third quarter.

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It was indeed an achievement worthy of a medal, especially in defense (a flaw against the Italians also called weaker than girls need).

We also brought in the fourth swim, Valje Vanda sent the Hungarian 10th goal into the net shortly after. “Alé-Alé, Aloe of Hungary” was the spectator who only faded for a short while as Canada made a haircut at the end of an 11-minute long goal. The Canadians in the blue berets are back, too, and Leimeter closed the match two minutes before it was over. 11-7 pm shaping the end result.

With that, it was decided that Argentina will wait for us on Sunday, and if we manage to complete the not-so-impossible task, Aldá Magyari will be able to compete with Australia in the quarter-finals.

In addition, the branches have been developed so that we can reach the finals only with the United States, which have won the last three World Cups.

Women’s water polo
Group stage, first group, third round
Hungary – Canada 7-11 (2-1, 3-3, 4-0, 2-3)

Italy and Colombia 31-5 (5-2, 7-0, 6-2, 13-1)

The end result of the group: 1. Italy 5 points, 2. Hungary 4, 3. Canada 3, 4. Colombia 0

(Cover Image: Péter Papajcsik/Index)

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