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Index – Sports – A frightening injury to a first-degree referee – video

Index - Sports - A frightening injury to a first-degree referee - video

Women’s hockey has featured in the five-ring games since 1998, with the United States winning a gold medal twice (1998, 2018) and Canada four times (2002, 2006, 2010, 2014), and only once in 2006 this was not. In the case, two teams competed in the finals, then Sweden won the silver.

The two main referees for the match were Canadian, the line referees were American, and no fan of this size was assigned European referees.

The battle began with the attacks of American defenders, but Anne-Rene Despains defended everything and was twice helped by the goalkeeper. In the 15th minute, the maple leaf guard took the lead, replaced by Brian Gunner at the end of a beautiful puck race.

Earlier in the second quarter, referee Siana Levers was hit in the face by one of America’s best players, Amanda Kessel, so she was taken to the medical room and had to be substituted and then sent back.

The Americans were also ahead in the jump, equalizing from a rebound in the middle of the game by Dani Camernesi. A minute and a half later, Alex Carpenter threw the back of the group under the bar with a human edge, but it wasn’t long before the Americans were thrilled, because the answer came half a minute later than Jenner after an extravagant pass. In the 35th minute, Jamie Lee Rattray led Canada again Natalie Spooner center. Then, even before the break, Marie-Philip Pauline came out at a disadvantage, but was slapped on the hand, until the punishment came, which the victim quietly sold.

In the third inning, the world champion held his advantage well, no more hits were achieved.

Results, women’s, group matches, group A:
Canada-US 4–2 (1–0, 3–2, 0–0)

Finland and Russia national team 14.10.16

Group B:
Japan and the Czech Republic 9.40.40
Sweden – Denmark 14.10.2007

(index / MTI)

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