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Index – Sport – The “suicidal” act of climate activists caused a scandal in Berlin

Index – Sport – The “suicidal” act of climate activists caused a scandal in Berlin

Moments of chaos caused by some climate activists at the Formula E circuit at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. According to the report of the Bild newspaper, six of them tried to establish themselves on the asphalt, while the participants in the world championship race were already standing on the starting grid and waiting for the red lights to go out.

The interesting thing about this case is that Formula-E is the pioneer and pioneer of pure electric motor racing, playing a prominent role in testing developments related to civilian electric cars and making them more accessible. Despite this, they were targeted at work…

An old woman has been freezing all winter in her apartment in Tempelhof, afraid of the upcoming electricity bill. Every second, just a few feet away, an abundance of precious energy was wasted amidst the cheering. You can be glad the e-cars are racing here, but the math doesn’t quite work out either

Bild newspaper quoted the alleged reason for the procedure, which it described as “ridiculous”.

The contestants were shocked by the activists’ actions, and one of the pilots described what happened as life-threatening and, what’s more, an outright “suicidal” idea. The former Formula 1 competitor finished third in the current FE season Jean-Eric Vergne According to him, if the activists had climbed onto the track a few moments later, disaster would have been inevitable – and he pointed to the moments immediately following the start. “What happened is incomprehensible, we are here with an electric racing series!” added annoyed.

“They couldn’t have chosen a worse venue for their campaign. What they’ve done is absurd. I have no idea if these people have any idea what we’re doing here, what the end goal of the show is,” he was quoted as saying by The Race. Nico Muellert, Abt Cobra competitor.

We are fighting for the same goal, right? I don’t really understand what they were trying to do with us… There is no other category in the world of motorsport where it would be illogical to do something like that

– said the 2020 champion, Antonio Felix da Costa.

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New Zealander Nick Cassidy won Sunday’s race, and overall leader Pascal Wehrlein finished seventh on Sunday. The German driver’s lead over Cassidy melted to just four points.

According to reports, the Berlin eSports was held in front of full houses.