Index - Sport - The biggest Olympic prodigy to date belongs to the German hockey team

Index – Sport – The biggest Olympic prodigy to date belongs to the German hockey team

The German hockey team came as the Winter Olympics biggest surprise so far, beating Canada 4-3 in the men’s semi-finals, which is not only the defending champion but also the most successful team ever with nine gold medals and 15. podium appearances.

In the first trimester, no difference could be felt yet, and the pace wasn’t particularly high either. Canada played a slight advantage, but the Germans defended with confidence. In the second part of the match, the Germans then intervened, leading 4-1 and playing with great confidence, showing off some nice hockey.

Not only were their goals amazing, but the two-time goalkeeper saved Canada from even greater disgrace.

And the third started with a quick Canadian goal, then another kick came from the defending champions, leaving ten minutes for the end of the match. But as with the entire tournament and this match, this team lacked the strength to turn the game around. The goalkeeper was also taken down, but the equalizer did not come. After the women’s team, the men won’t defend their title either this year.

Canada was hit by the ugliness of being behind in an unprecedented final since 2006, when legendary Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky was head of the team. Germany has so far won two bronze medals in the Olympics, in 1932 at Lake Placid and in 1976 in Innsbruck. Now, however, you will achieve a better result.

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Canada missed a major opportunity not being able to send the NHLs to Pyongyang. On the one hand, the International Olympic Committee and the North American League could not agree to secure the players, and on the other hand, Gary Bateman, the leader of the NHL, prevented the players from participating in the Olympics.

The Canadian hockey team has moved away from competitors in recent years, and they would have attended the Olympics with an unmatched strong team. This Canadian team – made up of European hockey players – is much weaker than the Canadian national teams seen in recent years. Already in the previous match, it was possible to sense that they did not have the breakout power that marked them before.

The Germans already played massively in the quarter-finals against Sweden, and this result is exciting no matter who got into the Canadian frame. The other participant in the final, Russia, could win the case more. His team is incredibly enthusiastic and strong, so far they have managed to get rid of almost everyone. Their ambition is understandable, because independent Russia has never won an Olympic gold medal, and they have won silver and bronze so far.

Men’s Hockey Semi-Final rounds:

  • Germany-Canada 4-3 (1-0, 3-1, 0-2)

Goals: Masik (15), Plata (24), Mawer (27), Hajar (33) and Brül (29), Robinson (43), Roy (50).

  • Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR) – Czech Republic 3-0 (0-0, 2-0, 1-0)

Goal: Joseph (28), Gavrikov (29), Kovalczuk (60).

Additional program:

  • Saturday: Bronze match: Czech Republic-Canada 13.10
  • Sunday: Final: OAR-Germany 5.10.2007

Cover photo: Gregory Ducker / Reuters.

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