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Index – Sport – The battle of Kinderes and Melak was a miracle

Index - Sport - The battle of Kinderes and Melak was a miracle

How far has the epidemic hit the Hungarian swim?

As far as other countries. The difference is that others do not stay where we are to host a national championship of this level the way we do. I think we have some advantages.

Even if Katusz Hoszo and Dominic Kuzma didn’t start, Liliana Szilagi had temporarily retired (?), So did Laszlo Chih travel home en route?

Well, it turns out once again that the Hungarian swim is not for two. When we grabbed five kids’ golds last year, we took four swimmers: Tall, Christophe Milak, Boglarka Cabas And the Christoph Rasovsky. And the Nandor Nemeth It was also near a medal. Young people are coming. Generational change happens when you like it or not. Our powerful corps comes out from the age of thirty to thirty-five years old. I don’t want to say names, not by chance. But it also means Milak, and Nemeth Nandy, Késely is dating in Ajna, Szabó Sebastian He is here, and they are young, arrived now, and they stay here permanently. Also released at the age of 17 Cos Hubert. He holds the first level of his life Gerda Szilágyi, Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy. More and more people are swimming internationally, so I’m enjoying this whole story. And I will definitely describe that on Day of 200 Butterfly, on Wednesday, my faith returned.

Yeah? why?

For me, a fan of swimming Kenderesi The Milas duel was a delicacy. I witnessed two tough fights at the age of 63, but it was a sensation, an experience, even for me. I could have written a dissertation from this. Although I already wrote some …

Let’s be honest. We have two real gold medalists in Tokyo: Long and Melak.

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Now say you have one! So how many Olympics were there when we came out without a gold medal and yet this particular race went so well? Athena? Beijing? He won a medal in Athens Daniel Giorta And the Czech, in Beijing, Lacy drew three silvers, wasn’t he cool? We were probably not in London either, the Czech Lacy didn’t go there, but Gyurta W. Eva RichtoffThere were also three medals.

In their opinion, would you be satisfied with three medals in Tokyo?

Let these three be! I didn’t say I’d be happy, but let it be! If I have, then I am happy about it. Let gold be the most important thing, and if I still have two medals next to it, then I’m really happy. These are two hundred butterflies, males and females, if we get three medals in these two numbers alone, no one can say that a miracle happened. It also shows that we have reserves.

What can we say about the tall Katinka – who was not here in Kaposvar -?

See, even before ISL, his strength had faded, he wasn’t in great shape, and then when he raced, he said afterwards that he was in worse shape than he had thought. Now in that case, a swimmer of this level, like Long Katinka, shouldn’t be descending into the National Championships as a spanking doll. I totally agree with him that he preferred to stay home to train at the Danube stadium, along with the fact that I would of course be happy to swim in Kaposvar. I’m sure he wouldn’t have given his skin cheap, nor would he give himself to the youth, lest they think the beans are meat too. I still understand it. If it really was he got in and started the hard work, then that’s the right decision.

What do you think about Milak?

Take Milak and Kinderres in one package: It was a miracle that they competed for 200 butterflies. One of them is that Kendressi is not keeping his respect for Melac, he is not obsessed with him. He went and hit him, swam his best this year. Miles has now swam better than four months before Gwangju! He even apparently lost muscle mass due to the Coronavirus. He swam incredibly smartly, in this case he had to swim like this, he did not deal with anyone, did what he wanted, went for gold, he did not let himself down, I really liked it. Two giants clashed, it was a world-class battle, wherever it was watching experience, wherever it was going to stand.

It was Friday when we did not yet know how much, on Saturday morning, Melak flashed with a 100m butterfly and a quick 200m win, and at exciting times. He looked so salty, he was even stunned by the genius of the twenty-year-old world leader. The following monologue exploded from the Federal Captain:

Oh yeah … it’s coming day in and day out, I had to race, like I said. Milak is twenty years old, and at this age they have it all, he ran to his highest levels on the fifth day of the tournament. There is no reason to despair, but you can and must worry, because Christophe must also acknowledge that he has to take over the job the way he did in December 2018. Now there is as much time left until the Olympics as it was two years before the 2019 World Championships in Kwangju. , Where he swam the world record magnificent 1: 50.73 at a distance of 200 m butterfly. Because compared to this cent, 51.07, what he swam on 200 butterflies is 1: 54.98 minutes, weak time. He appears ill, appears frustrated, and seems to lack training. He has to swim 1:52 in the spring to have a chance of 200 butterflies at the Olympics, and only then will I be cool. Anyway, he swam well at 200 fasts as well, and we know he wants to add speedy swimming to his palette as well, and judging by his current swim, it looks like it’s not an illusion. Back at 100 butterfly: swim better now than he did last year in Gwangju and in August of this year at the Four Nations competition. Well, he was already tired after the world record of 200 moths in Gango because he didn’t sleep and found out that the world was colorful, and everyone was beating the new world record holder. But in any case, he did better than the World Cup Final, and that shows his amazing talent. But you need to understand that the Olympic Games, on the other hand, there is not enough talent. You have to prepare properly and then no one will hit you.

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