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Index – Sport – She is one of the strongest women in Hungary against her fierce rivals

Index – Sport – She is one of the strongest women in Hungary against her fierce rivals

“I was able to take first place in the 70 kilogram category, which I absolutely did not expect. In advance, I set myself the goal of being able to stand on the podium, ” male the featured media For your own good, Dorina Bordás.

One of the country’s strongest women, who successfully represented Hungary at the Arnold Classic in the spring, managed to push 43 kg for eight times in 60 seconds, taking third place in the first event with this result. Dorina was then able to lift 160 kg, and then she confidently led everyone behind her on the swing and carried the bags. Keeping up with the 12 kg barrel, he finished third again, so he was waiting for the final result of the pentathlon competition from second place.

“I was second all the way until the last race, my height was in my favor in the barrel package, my shorter competitor in the lead had to lift much higher, and that gave him difficulties.” – added Dorina, who eventually won the competition with a two-point advantage.

the They weigh less than 70 kilograms They also showed their strength in a well-numbered field. A Szeged newcomer in the category was also opened, in the person of Andrea Kollár. The 170cm athlete competed in her life’s first Strongwoman competition from the southern city of Great Plains and immediately managed to stand on top of the podium.

“I was very nervous before the competition because it was my first competition in my life and I had no experience with equipment training either. The whole competition was full of a great atmosphere, and it was exciting because we were following each other so closely with the girls. The organization was great and I was honestly surprised that it was done Organizing it in the middle of Labor Day, but the fact that so many onlookers were standing there and watching us was an added bonus.”

“In the first round, I would like to complete the four rounds for this year, because I was just trying to see if I would like it at all. I liked it, so this year I will do the remaining three and we will see the rest at the end of the year. Until then, I am preparing for the next competition in July ” – concluded Andrea.