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Index – Sport – Pentathlon’s Olympic status is in jeopardy
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Index – Sport – Pentathlon’s Olympic status is in jeopardy

The International Summer Olympics Sports Association will hold its General Assembly in Lausanne in the coming days website. Report at the event Kate McConnellthe sports director of the International Olympic Committee, who clarified which 28 sports will, according to the current situation, be in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

McConnell emphasized: The program committee did not recommend pentathlon along with two other traditional sports, boxing and weightlifting. In other words, the present situation is such that the barriers to these sports are so shaky, it could easily happen that popular disciplines with American or British roots, played by millions, such as baseball and softball, as well as cricket, could take their place. Olympic sports. From the program.

The fate of the three endangered sports will be finally decided at the IOC Executive Committee meeting scheduled to take place from October 12-13 in Mumbai.

Klaus Schurmann is the source of trouble

In order to save the quintuplets, the united quintet The Action Group, which unites the legendary world greats in the sport, including more than one galactic legend. The organization, which goes sharply against the direction of the International Federation UIPM, is still struggling to keep its rides in this complex sport.

said the Australian, who has competed in three Olympics Alex Watson, one of the leaders of Pentathlon United, who is campaigning to continue getting out of the sport. – It is clear to me that the IOC told the leaders of the UIPM that the oath casts a bad light on the sport, and that most of the competitors do not agree with the changes introduced by force. So they approached us to go to the current World Cup Final in Ankara and negotiate with them. So we moved away, myself and Kate Allenby, four-time world champion, bronze medalist at the Sydney Olympics, and we will represent our organization. We insisted that we bear all the costs, and would not accept a single cent of UIPM.”

According to Watson, UIPM is everything on one page OCR (Obstacle Course Racing, Hungarian for Obstacle Course Competition), which they want to replace riding still included in the pentathlon at the 2024 Olympics. Which, like all bad plans, is based on a scam.

Watson claims it has been in the works since 2017 Klaus SchurmannWedge rides and brings OCR.

Phantom members of the UIPM

“The UIPM’s sports management is based on politics. With all their might, they want to show the IOC how many member organizations there are in the World Federation, to be precise, 115. However, the vast majority of them are, as we call them, fictitious organizations. In practice, they are not They exist, they do not work, they have no competitors, they do not compete. They only vote, and of course for Schurmann. The leaders of these fictitious associations are sent to every general assembly, naturally at the expense of the UIPM, and they always receive what is called development money, which is spent lavishly without any “They have one vote like Great Britain, Australia or Hungary,” Watson said, referring to three serious and traditional countries, including ours.

According to Watson, the UIPM has spent all of its energy and money in the past 20 years on political combat and self-polishing, not on developing the sport.

The Paris Olympics is the last chance

The contenders, leaders, coaches and sports diplomats who have gathered at Pentathlon United fear that if veteran Schurman, who has been in charge of UIPM since 1992 and turns 77 in July, is re-elected to the post of president, the consequences will be catastrophic.

According to them, the Paris Olympics is the last chance to save the sport, but only with a new administration and a new president. And the distribution of funds after the Olympics will provide financial cover for this, when the IOC will distribute part of the television revenues among sports federations for development purposes.

This will be the time when the new administration must take over, which must renegotiate the status of the pentathlon with the International Olympic Committee, and even revive the sport. But in a way that makes it modern, meets the requirements of the day, and at the same time preserves its traditions, because today’s quintet or what it will be like after entering the OCR, without riding, the founding father Baron Coubertin would not realize even if he were revived. Watson and Allenby agree.