Index - Sport - Only one of our six Olympic champions will compete at the Canadian World Championships

Index – Sport – Only one of our six Olympic champions will compete at the Canadian World Championships

The most prestigious competition of the year in sports will be held in Halifax, Canada, from August 3-7. Between, in addition to announcing the framework, the association also reported the long-term cooperation with the national team’s new supplier, the AutoWallis Group, which will continue until 2024.

“My heart beats faster than average, and I have a closer relationship with sports thanks to my three-time Olympic champion wife, Katalin Kovacs. I have been able to support a lot of matches, thanks to the many experiences I have become a huge fan of the Hungarian sports pioneer” he said at the press event on Tuesday Dr.. Adam Schmidt Minister of State in Charge of Sport, highlighting Olympic achievements.

Chappa Hutner The national team captain started the announcement by saying that only one of our six Olympic champions will compete in the World Championships, and that is Balint Kobasz.

Sandor Totka He contracted coronavirus in Racice, and was unable to properly recover from it until the national team, his goal being to be in perfect condition by the time of the World Cup.

The captain said of the kayaker who won a gold medal in the K1 200m event in Tokyo.

The Olympic program has changed, said Šaba Hutner, and their goal is to have Hungarian competitors in all events at the 2024 Paris Olympics as well.

The captain then provided the list of passengers for the Canadian game:

Kayak discipline
Seismadia Colos (K – 1,200m, K4,500m), Gergely Balogh (K1500m), Palint Palin (K1000 m, k2500m), Balint Neutral (K1 5000 m, k2 1000 m), penny trampled (K2500 m, k4500 m), Tamás Colivay (K2 1000 m), Stephen Cooley (K4500 m), Shoemaker Adam (K4500 m), Levente Koroc (K2 medley 500m)

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Anna Lutz (K1200 mk2200 m, k2500 m), Eszter Rendessy (K1500 m, k1000m), Emesse Kohalme (K1 5000 m, k4500 m), Little Blanca (K2200 m, k2500m), throttle Sarah (K4500 m), Pupp Noemi (K4500 m), Alida Durka Gazzo (K2 mixed 500 m, k4500 m)

Canoe discipline
David Koresansky (c1200 m), Daniel Figes (c1500, c2 medley 500m), Adolf Palazz (c1000 CE, c1 5000 m), Come on Jonathan (c2500 m), black Adam (c2500m), Balaz kiss (c2 1000 m), in Hodovan David (c-2 1000 m), Christophe Kollar (c-4500m), Slihoczki Adam (c-4500m), David Kougkas(c-4500 m), Dominic Zombori (c-4500m)

Takax Kenso (C1200m, C4 500m), Bala flower (C1500m, C1 1000m, C1 5000m, C4 500m), Giada Bragato (C2200m, C2500m, C4 500m), Big Bianca (C2200m, C2500m, C4 500m), Laura Bush (C2 mix 500 m)

I ask everyone to support us. Hungarians go for it!

Csaba Hüttner concluded his announcement.

At the Tokyo Games, he won the King K1 1000 metres Palint Palin previously In the Szeged national team He has also proven to be looking forward to the season explosively, and is also looking forward to the World Cup in Canada.

I am healthy and I feel good, and this is the most important thing for an athlete. There is no trace of my previous back injury, the preparations have gone well. I am optimistic about the performance in Canada.

He’s also starting with a new record, which Pence Nadas wants to finish with a medal in the K2500m:

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“I am happy to enter this new Olympic number. We trained a lot with Pink as a pair, we are getting better and better, and we want to finish on the podium.”

Dora Alida Gazso Last year in Copenhagen he became world champion in the K1 1000m, and in 2019 in Szeged in the K4 500m he can now try to win a gold medal again with this figure.

“The World Cup Gold experience helps a lot. This time I sit in the back, not as the lead rower, it’s a new challenge for me too. I’m optimistic, we’re on good tracks, we’ve found the seating arrangement. Although the unit is small, it will be good “ – said Gazsu, who also mentioned that he was not spared from the coronavirus epidemic, and as a result he was unable to participate in the first national team, and since then he has been trying to make up for his two-week absence.

At last year’s Olympics, he finished fourth and seventh penny trampled He will compete in the 500m in doubles and quads, and like Balint Kopas, is also hoping to make a medal appearance.

“We had a little training in the national team, but we held on well and managed to win the race. Until the World Championships, there is still a lot of preparation time to find the 500 pace with Bálint before the race. We can legitimately fight for the podium” – Tell.

Regarding the quad, he said that they have been able to prepare a lot together, they are progressing step by step, the speed of travel is really good, and the start and the first 100m on Monday gave reason for confidence.

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Come on Jonathan Together with dám Fekete, he won a silver medal last year in Copenhagen in the C2500m, and now, even after not-so-ideal preparations (Hajdu was injured, Fekete was sick), the podium is the goal.

We wanted to compete as much as possible at the beginning of the year in order to practice as much as possible before the WC, compared to this, we couldn’t start anywhere until the second pick. We have been paired with dám for six years, in the last six years there have not been as many difficulties as this year, but we are already better than at this time last year. We are looking forward to the World Championships with confidence. Of course, this year will be more difficult than last year after the Olympics, but we hope that we will achieve at least as good a result as last year. The platform is definitely the goal, and then we’ll see

Hajdu hopes.

(Cover photo: Dr. Adam Schmidt and Balent Kobasz. Photo: Rica Szabo/Index)