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Six-time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker has been released from prison after just eight months behind bars, but now he can expect to be swiftly deported from the UK.

like before index You mentioned also, two and a half years He is sentenced to prison Boris Becker, the former six-time Grand Slam winning tennis player, was unable to repay a loan he took out for a villa in Mallorca, and as a result Filed bankruptcy It was later revealed that he had hidden assets of £2.5m. Among them is a property in Leimen, Germany, a loan taken from this house and £66,000 worth of shares in a technology company.

As we wrote about itthat a fast-track procedure had been approved for the release of Boris Baker, which would allow the repatriation of foreign prisoners to ease the burden on British prisons.

the Watchman According to reports, he was released from Britain’s Huntercombe Prison in Oxfordshire on Thursday morning after serving just eight months of his sentence. According to an earlier announcement by the British Home Office, foreigners sentenced to prison in the country will be deported from England as soon as possible, so Baker was also waiting for a plane when he was released, which would take him away immediately. United kingdom.

(Cover photo: Boris Becker in April 2022. Photo: Adrian Dennis/AFP)