Index - Sport - Finland wins the World Hockey Championship

Index – Sport – Finland wins the World Hockey Championship

Finland won the World Series A Championships in Slovakia. In the final, Canada was defeated 3-1. Finland celebrated its third world title, becoming the first again after 1995 and 2011.

The Finnish national team performed well. In the quarter-finals, he defeated the eternal opponent, the Swedes. They reached the final with an amazing performance against the Russians, as they also beat Canada with two goals from the match against Sweden’s Marco Antilla. Therefore, not only in the final match, but throughout the tournament, no one expected their success.

Canada dominated in the first quarter (but ultimately the whole match), but the Finns, as well as the match against the Russians, organized their defense excellently. There was only one short circuit, which was taken advantage of by Xia Theodore, the Vegas Golden Knights defender, who brilliantly entered the defenders in the 10th minute and lifted the ball over the goalkeeper’s shoulder from the middle.

Canada dominated the match throughout the match, as the Finns defended but their counterattacks were extremely accurate, but only managed to score in the third minute of the second quarter. It was Marco Antilla who scored the equalizer against Sweden and then one goal against the Russians in the qualifiers. It was 1-1.

Canada shifted to higher gear, but the Finns withstood the rhythm, often defending themselves against the shooting player. And the Canadian team could not discover anything smart.

As we reached the third quarter, it was felt that the Finns, against the Russians, could participate in this match as well. Antela’s brace in the 43rd minute at the start of the final third, led by the Finns 2-1. When Harry Bisonen scored in the 56th minute, after a quick Finnish response, the match was decided 3-1.

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Canada still dropped their goalkeeper in the last 131 seconds, but they could no longer change the score. 3-1, the same number as before in this World Cup, became in the group, in the first match of the two teams.

The Finns became world champions eight years later, and Canada failed the final just like two years ago. The next Elite World Cup will be held in Switzerland in 2020.

Finland-Canada 3-1 (0-1, 1-0, 2-0)
Scorers: Antilla (23, 43), Bisonin (56) and Theodore (11)

the third place:
Russia-Czech Republic 3-2 (1-2, 1-0, 0-0, 0-0, 1-0) – with a shot

Cover Photo: Reuters / David W. Cerny

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