Index - Sport - Beauty Patch: We beat Romania in the European Championship

Index – Sport – Beauty Patch: We beat Romania in the European Championship

We started our meeting better, we attacked by three goals in the fifth minute, but after only a few minutes it was 3-3 on the scoreboard. Thanks to some strong attacks and good defense, the Hungarian team managed to score again with two goals, and in the 12th minute we were already 7-4.

The Hungarian attacks succeeded well on the wings, with Shinzel Nadine scoring four of the top ten goals and Lucas Victoria scoring twice.

We found no mistake in the Romanians’ defense, ten minutes before the end of the game it was 12-10.

In the 24th minute, the Romanians equalized again, and five minutes before the end of the first half, they advanced for the first time during the match, and the teams were able to rest in the places 13-14.

At the start of the second half, Romania scored two goals, but in the 40th minute, our goal equalized with human damage and then fell back in front.

Roman captain Bogdan Burcia called for time in the 45th minute, defeating Hungary by two goals.

The teams started with a draw, the Hungarian girls played handball more collectively and finally won the match 26-24, thus achieving their first win in the semi-finals.

In the other group match, the Netherlands defeated Germany 28-27.

Hungary’s success also means that the team led by Gabor Alek and Gabor Danié will finish ninth or tenth in the continental championship. Our national team will meet Norway in the semi-finals already in its last match at 20:30 pm on Tuesday.

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“The team played well in the match, of course, the girls can also do better,” Gabor Danny told Sport Tv after meeting when he had to. According to the expert who also runs the Audi ETO KC in Győr it could be built for this match.

European Handball Championship for Women
The final, second group
Hungary-Romania 26-24 (13-14)
See: Schatzl 7, Lakatos 5, Szöllősi-Zácsik 4 and Ostase 8, Neagu 5, Laslo, Buceschi 3-3

Group position before the end of the semi-finals:

  1. Norway 8 points (already advanced)
  2. Croatia 6 points
  3. Netherlands 4 points
  4. Germany 4 points
  5. Hungary 2 points
  6. Romania 0 points

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