Index - Sport - A world record fish caught by the legendary goalkeeper

Index – Sport – A world record fish caught by the legendary goalkeeper

Even the capital is a slight indicator of the fish that the former excellent goalkeeper for hockey Pete Peters Caught with friends. In the North American Professional Hockey League (NHL), Peters, who dropped out for 13 seasons, went on a fishing trip on the Fraser River in Canada thanks to a company that specializes in sturgeon fishing.

The white state is North America’s largest freshwater fish, which can grow to hundreds of pounds, so Peters and his company made the right equipment. But they didn’t expect such a big thing either.

The fish caught are over 3.5 meters long and weigh about 890 pounds, or about 405 kilograms.

Peters and his friends, who were named the best goalkeeper of the 1982-83 NHL season, wore the white bag for about half an hour and then were of course released after taking pictures and taking measurements (Fraseren is the only way to allow the catch).

Peters with over 400 pounds of fish

Photo: sturgeon killers

The largest fish has certainly been caught in the province of British Columbia, and the company says that no whitefish has been caught of this size anywhere in the world. They were also sent to the Guinness Book of Records for authentication.

Peters joked that he really helped make people famous: Mario Lemieux scored the first goal of his life against him, while one of Wayne Gretzky’s unbreakable records suffered when the Great One scored 46th and 47th in his 39th game of the season. Targets 49 and 50. Right, the last one for an empty gate.

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