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As mentioned, RB Leipzig scored a dramatic victory in the 32nd round of the German Football Championship. The team competing for the podium equalized in the 87th minute with a Willy Orban header, and in the 96th minute Dominic Zuboszlai scored the three points against Werder Bremen. With this, the team took a big step towards the bronze medal, and with it also towards the participation of the BL next year.

It’s hard to find the right words, I’m so proud that we were able to turn the game around at the start – Dominic Zuboszlai, who was applauded repeatedly by the Leipzig crowd after the whistle, took stock of the match when asked by Index. – After that first half, when nothing wanted to come together, we managed to fight for victory until the 97th minute. This is what football looks like, sometimes the match starts like facing Freiburg in the cup, sometimes you can be four goals ahead, but you You still find yourself at a disadvantage. No player could wish for more than to be able to score the winning goal in such an important situation, at the last minute.

The Leipzig team dominated the field for a large part of the match, but as the Hungarian midfielder pointed out, in the first half they created a lot more chances than the opponent, but everything was wasted. By the second half, the team’s game had changed significantly, so we wondered what coach Marco Rose told his players to do during the break, and what they should do differently.

It depends on what the task is. It’s no big secret, we actually get quite a bit of freedom from the coach, when and how we position ourselves. The point is that we communicate with each other on the field and everyone knows when and where they need to be. It is not important that I start from the right or the left, there are many times we change during the game, either because of the opponent, or because of a corner kick or a free kick. The main thing now is to get the three points.

German reporters asked him what was going through his mind in the moments leading up to the goal.

It’s hard to say. Maybe it’s just that even if I don’t have the strength anymore, I still have to do it, I have to run and get there somehow to finish the attack. Fortunately, it turned out like this, Christo (Nkunku – editor’s note) gave a great ball, and the rest came naturally. All along we believed in ourselves and that this victory could come together. Sometimes it’s easier to succeed, sometimes it’s more difficult, but in the end all that matters is the score and the three points

Live what happened.

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With Leipzig’s success they overcame Union Berlin, who beat Freiburg on Saturday, and are now again third in the table, already four points clear of the fifth-placed Swabian side. In the last two rounds, first the away championship match against Bayern, and then the final home season against Schalke 04 – two points are needed in both matches so that Freiburg could not catch up with them in any way.

The start of the Champions League is not at all certain yet, so we can’t sit still. We also want to beat Bayern Munich, we want to surprise them. Of course, we know it’s never easy for them. In total, we have three more matches, after the two championships there is the cup final, where we will play as the reigning champions, and we will be completely satisfied with the end of the season if we win all three matches.

Look forward.

The cast of BL is not available yet – unfortunately – I think anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. Especially if we take into account that after Bayern Munich we will host Schalke, for whom the last round can be decisive, if only from the point of view of elimination. “I’m sure it will be a hot match,” he added.

When asked if it would be easier for them to play essentially without a stake at the Allianz Arena, because even with a possible defeat their fate remains in their hands, he replied:

It’s not really important. We really go out there wanting to get three points from them. Then, of course, there may only be one point, or none at all. But the goal cannot be less than this.

The 22-year-old midfielder is coming to the end of a highly successful season from an individual point of view, becoming a regular at Leipzig in the spring.

And with his hit on Sunday, he also surpassed the “return” he achieved in the previous season (10 + 9). Meanwhile, he also became the captain of the national team back home – at such a young age, no player ever became a permanent captain of the national team.

I work every day to handle the pressure as much as possible and to be able to meet expectations. It was a great honor to be asked to be the captain of the team back home. I accepted it because I knew for sure, whoever the captain of this team was, it shouldn’t be a big deal. It can’t be, because it’s a really big team, a real family. No matter who our opponent is in the national team, we all fight for each other. It doesn’t matter who starts, who comes on as a substitute, or maybe doesn’t get on the field, we all work hard together at Telki for common success. In Leipzig, I had different tasks in the past months: I had to work my way into the first team, which I, thank God, have been able to do now. I hope to have another opportunity to repay this trust.

No wonder rumors about him possibly changing clubs have intensified lately. For example, according to information from National Sport, Newcastle United are going to lure him to England with a salary of 10 million pounds sterling.

This is not the moment to be concerned about rumours

– Reply to the alleged request. However, he couldn’t avoid suggesting that. One of his German colleagues asked him the question: Does all this mean that he will stay with Leipzig in the summer, no matter what the sequel brings?

Not what you said. We have three more games left in the season and now I just want to focus on those three games. I will definitely be here until then. I would like to play in the Champions League again and win the German Cup for the second time. I am confident that we will be able to achieve all this. Now these just float before my eyes. What happens at the end of the season? we will see…

– he said diplomatically, at the same time not denying the news about his possible change of club.

Leipzig will play on Saturday at 6:30 pm on the land of Bayern Munich, the league leaders. The last tournament between the two teams ended in a 1-1 draw.

You can watch Szoboszlai and Willi Orbán’s goal against Werder Bremen by clicking here!

German Bundesliga
Round 32
Leipzig – Werder Bremen 2-1 (W. Orbán 87., Szoboszlai 96., or Bittencourt 70.)