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Index – soccer – soccer

According to the editors of Transfermarkt, the oft-referenced transfer portal, the chance of a deal closing is over forty percent. According to Sky Sports and German Sport 1, negotiations have been going on for the past few days, and now it’s almost certain Bayern Munich will buy him from Chelsea in the summer. Kai Havertz Right to play.

The 23-year-old midfielder moved from Bayer Leverkusen to the London Blues two and a half years ago for €80m. Even then, Bayern was talking about him, but the Bavarians didn’t want to get into a bidding competition at the time, and moreover, Thomas Mueller Just starting to bloom Hansi Flick under his hands.

Havertz’s play was met with much criticism in London, though she proved hardly more volatile than the whole team. The team that won the Champions League less than two years ago, and now its supporters are happy that it did not fall out of the top ten at the end of the week, after crushing municipal rivals Crystal Palace 1-0 in the 20th round. The best excursion in English. The common denominator between the Palace match and the 2021 Champions League final is that both were decided by Havertz’s goal.

The midfielder has distributed 29 goals and 15 assists in 118 matches during his career in London so far, which means an average of 0.37 Canadian points / 90 minutes. That’s by no means a catastrophic average for his position – but it doesn’t seem like enough to avoid a summer cleanup at Stamford Bridge either.

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There were press reports the other day about the fact that no footballer approved earlier this summer is protected, although the new ownership confirmed the player’s position signed in September. Graham Potter But in the case of players, the basic principle is this: those who receive a suitable offer can certainly leave.

In the case of Havertz, that bid is said to be around €50m. This promises to be a great deal for Bayern Munich. It is no coincidence, according to press reports, that the clubs have already roughly agreed with each other in the background, moreover, Havertz does not have many objections to returning home.

Among other things, the hope of this transfer encouraged the members of the Chelsea board of directors at the weekend Transform Mihajlo Modric Also executable. Aware of the almost certain summer income of €50m, they had to worry less about England’s (FA) and UEFA’s financial fair play rules.

According to German press reports, the coach of Bayern Munich, By Julian Nagelsmann His plan, the position of captain, Havertz in the middle of the field and the other great savior of German football, the 19-year-old Jamal Musella He will compete, while Müller – in the event that they are healthy – will be one line ahead, and he will be given the opportunity as a closing striker from next season.

The transfer will be eerily similar to how the players of the German national team, who also came to England relatively early, Serge Gnabry And Leroy Sannett also acquired Bayern.

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(Cover photo: Kai Havertz on December 27, 2022. Photo: Visionhaus/Getty Images)