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Index – Science – Why do Swedish windows light up?

Index – Science – Why do Swedish windows light up?

If you’re lucky enough to be in Sweden, you might be surprised to find that many Swedish homes don’t have curtains covering their windows and lights illuminate the panels – even all night. But why don’t they protect their privacy and save electricity?

A Swedish window without curtains may be incomprehensible to us, because as soon as night falls, we immediately draw the curtains, close the shutters, lower the curtains, pull the curtains, because we do not want everyone in our life to see. We also turn off the lights when we leave the room, especially the current ones, very pregnant times. By contrast, the Swedes don’t just draw the curtains, they light their windows, so only those who don’t want to see in are also wasting electricity. What is the ratio in this?

dont waste!

Swedish window lights are installed above the frame or stand on the window sill. Bellax this evening has a serious tradition Scandinavian in the country.

Centuries ago, windows were lit to help people who got lost in a blizzard find their way home.

The lights indicated where the streets were and where to turn for help. In addition, the heat of the small candle allowed the window not to freeze, so that natural light would also enter the rooms.

The According to the Swedes – because of safety and the possibility of assistance – this is how they characterize inhabited houses. Not to mention, the cityscape is also much friendlier than gently glowing windows, because the soft, warm light illuminates the street and makes cities feel cosy. And their privacy is not in danger either, because only the windows where they are not in get the light, or if they do, they draw the curtain and the light of the little lamp flashes behind them.

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Fortunately, there is no problem with waste either, because they only light up with very weak bulbs, 1-2 watts, but even these produce little heat and therefore contribute to heating. Swedes also don’t have to worry about waste because the country gets most of its energy from clean sources, notably hydropower.

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