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Many people are now wondering where December went, or worse, they missed the whole year. The latter is difficult to explain, but others have already thought about the December haze. Let’s see how they explain it.

Santa also gets nervous

The fact that the last month of the year seems shorter than, say, May, even though they both have 31 days, makes sense, he writes. Huffpost. That’s when it happens Set the clockone last big hurray at work and two celebrations too – families with young children can also try out Santa Claus as a fan.

In December, we have to pay attention not only to work, which may be more intense than other periods of the year due to the year-end rush, but also to family. Searching for chocolates and gifts, baking, cooking, dealing with possible side effects of setting the clock, weather conditions (possibly shoveling snow), and organizing meetings with friends.

According to Debra Kuhara, dean of the Faculty of Psychology at Alliant International University, we can lose track of time very quickly in the hustle and bustle of December. In addition to the many special tasks to be accomplished, we may also experience social pressure, and want to respond in all directions:

Bake unbreakable cakes, decorate an apartment for Christmas, visit elderly relatives, do year-end cleaning.

and the attendant Stress And anxiety can wear us down both physically and mentally, and it’s easy to disrupt our perception of time.

Short days

Not to mention that after 4 p.m. you can barely see, which means you feel like the day is over and you’re less productive. Although we may benefit from losing time, for example by changing our inappropriate daily routine, advises Clinical Director Jessica Cisnero

Focus on one task at a time, take time for yourself, and get some things off if you feel overwhelmed.

If we make a decision and make a schedule, at least for the month of September (oh, what am I talking about, for December), we can also establish an order of importance between tasks. This way, a hectic November will be, alas, a less stressful December!

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