Index - Science - Technology - Perennial wheat can spoil wheat production

Index – Science – Technology – Perennial wheat can spoil wheat production

Researchers at the American Agricultural Land Institute succeeded in producing perennial wheat القمح Agroinform.

Although wheat researchers have been working on the production of perennial grains since 2001, the American Institute was able to create the first perennial line only in 2009 by crossbreeding cultivated wheat cultivars and medium wheat grasses. However, in 2010, there were 843 perennial hybrid plants already available.

The researchers were able to produce five stable lines by 2018, which are currently being evaluated worldwide. Perennial, that is, the annual regrowth of plants, has since been practically disbanded

Most of the ancestors of wheat were also perennials,

With a much lower return. The yield per hectare of new perennial hybrids should also be improved, since it is still much lower than the yield of annual varieties.


Photo: NurPhoto / Getty Images Hungary

drilling may be delayed

Dozens of international research sites (including Mexican, Israeli, Turkish, Canadian, Chinese and Swedish) that collaborate with US researchers regularly share their achievements, bringing them closer to finding the genes that define perennials.

Based on the current state of research, it is expected that stable and perennial plant species that are competitive with the average yield of one-year-old cultivars and hybrids will be introduced into cultivation within ten to twenty years.

However, the discovery even with a weaker yield

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Whereas, soil preparation, i.e. soil disturbance involving charcoal release and omission of annual sowing, is more environmentally friendly and cost effective.


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