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Index – Science – Maybe our world is just a mathematical simulation?

Index - Science - Maybe our world is just a mathematical simulation?

Some people say that mathematics is just an analytic language, and they know nothing, but it is very appropriate to describe the world. If we can describe mathematical phenomena with infinite depth with mathematics, then physics is also infinite. Physicists search for and identify the smallest (subatomic) particles in the world, and their relationships can only be described by mathematics. that it mathematics Is the whole world and relationships determined by jobs?

The old ones already (again) know everything

The Pythagorean Brotherhood of Ancient Greece, founded by the great mathematician Pythagoras, had different views. The number was the ideal of this society, endowed with mystical phenomena, additional meaning, and an ardent belief in numerology. He believed that reality was mathematically descriptive.

The secret logic of the hexagram by Marcus Terentius Varro, the greatest scientist and polymath of ancient Rome: Bees in the hive store honey in hexagonal cells made of beeswax, but why the hexagonal shape? The honeycomb hypothesis was only proven in 1999 by the mathematician Thomas C. needed to build it. It is quite solid structurally.

But honeycombs not only reflect mathematics in nature, there are, for example, particles of hexagonal snowflakes, a honeycomb-shaped cloud over Saturn, an extinct coral that also takes the form (Cyathophyllum hexagonum) and a dragonfly made up of 30,000 hexagons.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato believed that mathematics existed outside space and time and described things that actually existed (not ideas). According to him, these found objects contain numbers and geometric shapes. The Pythagoras agreed with Plato that mathematics describes the world of things, but they did not believe that mathematical things exist outside of space and time.

If mathematics explains much of what we see around us, it is unlikely that we created it. That is, it is already there and we discover its regularity – along with bees, of course.

sports realism

Mathematics is objective, that is, mathematical objects are part of our world independently of us, and their facts are not affected by us – this is mathematical realism.

Swedish-American cosmologist Max Tegmark argues that reality and the universe are just a mathematical object like a simulation or a matrix. According to Australian physicist and philosopher Jane McDonnell, mathematics is how the conscious universe defines itself. But there is also a belief that the world consists of two parts, mathematics and matter, the first giving the form of matter and matter the essence of mathematics.

Benoit Mandelbrot was the last student of John Newman. He researched the measurement of irregular fractal groups, the determination of their dimensions, and the creation of the science of fractal geometry. These combinations also occur frequently in nature with an infinite number of small recurring folds (for example, bark shell, cauliflower, fern leaf, lung pattern), but Mandelbrot recognized the diversity of fractal geometry and used it to research financial operations.

According to Tegmark, mathematics is not just an abstract science, as formulas, number series, and logic also appear in nature. He is convinced that both the body and the mind are just a collection of moving particles, and one day we will be able to describe the mind in mathematical formulas.

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(Cover Photo: A student writes a mathematical equation on the board on September 19, 2014 in Germany. Photo: Thomas Trutschel/Photothek/Getty Images

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