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Index – Science – It’s so hot that we can actually grow hundred-year-old olive trees in our garden

Index – Science – It’s so hot that we can actually grow hundred-year-old olive trees in our garden

Hungary’s climate has become so Mediterranean that even the olive tree lives here! Do we want a tree with a soul that has lived for hundreds of years, or are we just petting this green witness of history? Now we can.

The story began when Zoltán Závodszky decided to create a company with a Spanish leg.

I often wondered what to import from there that we don’t have. Then I entered into a partnership with my friend Attila Kiraly, whose company built my garden in Szentendre and who owns a plant wholesaler. The first truck, full of ornamental olive trees, arrived.

The stars of Spain are the olive trees, which in addition to being beautiful and providing an amazingly relaxing sight, are a symbol of stability and prosperity. It is no coincidence that we also find it on the kiosks in front of the entrances of major companies.

As Závodszky says, the symbol of the olive tree, in addition to the above, also signifies durability, as its specimens can live for hundreds of years under the right conditions. Horticultural engineer Atilla Kiraly, the head of a horticultural company who helped carry out the plan, answers what those terms are.

Olive trees love temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, but they can tolerate temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees Celsius, if they are not long-term. We can take care of their protection with a plexiglass cover and cladding floor.

witnesses of the past

Závodszky is excited, he says, the youngest tree they brought is already over 100 years old, but there are also some trees over 500 years old, planted before America was discovered, that are alive and beautiful and will live longer than us as well!

Trees are stored in Spain for 3-5 years after being pulled from the ground to see if they have survived the shock. If so, it can be moved and transplanted to another location. Even in Barbara Palvin’s garden, they purchased the first of 11 local olive trees the Zavodzki family had imported.

Attila Kiraly says that the climate of our country is becoming more and more Mediterranean, so it is no longer possible to grow plants typical of the climate there. There are no severe permanent frosts, but if the temperature is still below minus 5 degrees, we can take care of protecting the heat-loving plants, either with a veil film, a vegetable house or an aluminum foil tent. Although these trees do not produce olives, they are beautiful and could be a suitable decoration for anyone’s garden.

They have souls, you can pet them.

Their water requirements are minimal, they love the warmth. And if we don’t have room for such a majestic tree, just visit in the question, until these witnesses of history were caught. It radiated an energy that could not be compared to anything else.