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Index – Science – Hear the frightening sounds of black holes echoing

Index - Science - Hear the frightening sounds of black holes echoing

Eight astronomers are rare due to the echo of the emitted X-rays Black hole– Pairs and the location of the stars around them. Previously, we only knew about a couple of X-rays in our galaxy.

Pairs of black holes appear when they are celestial phenomena It orbits a star that is sometimes used to absorb gases and dust. The echoes turned into sound waves.

Anatomy of a black hole eruption

The research team has developed an automated tool called the echo probe to find pairs of black holes in satellite data. The researchers used the echo machine to review data collected by NASA’s X-ray Telescope, part of the International Space Station.

We see new signs of reversal in eight sources

said one of the study’s authors, Jingyi Wang, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Black holes have a mass between five and fifteen times the mass of the Sun, all in a double system of ordinary small masses with Sun-like stars.

After collecting the eight echoes, the researchers compared them to see how the black hole changes when it emits X-rays. A similar picture appeared for the eight dual systems.

When black holes pull material away from a star they orbit, they can emit bright rays of particles close to the speed of light. They race in space. The research team observed that the black hole, meanwhile, emits a final high-energy flash before transitioning to a low-energy state. When this last flash occurs, it could mean that the black hole’s high-energy plasma ring (or crown) is emitting particles filled with energy before it disappears.

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Astronomers have also applied this discovery to supermassive black holes that act as “engines” at the center of galaxies and can release particles that can form galactic formations.

The role of black holes in the evolution of galaxies is a prominent issue in modern astrophysics

. said study The author, Irene Kara, is an assistant professor of physics at MIT.

Interestingly, these pairs of black holes appear to be supermassive black holes, so by closely understanding the incidence of disease in such small systems, we can see how similar explosions of supermassive black holes affect the galaxies in which these galaxies are located, as He said. .

Echo converting x-rays into sound

X-ray echoes can help astronomers locate black holes. This is nothing but the echolocation that bats use to navigate. Bats make sounds that bounce off obstacles and then return as an echo, and the length of the echo helps bats determine the distance to objects.

Black hole echoes are created by two types of X-ray light emitted from the plasma ring, and astronomers can use the time taken to detect the two types of telescope to track how and when the black hole changes as it digests matter from the star.

It can’t be heard with a free ear

Echoes of black holes aren’t real sounds, we wouldn’t even hear them without help, so Kara teamed up with Kyle Keane, a professor in the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Ian Condry, a professor in the MIT Department of Anthropology to convert them into sound waves.

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The team tracked changes in X-ray echoes, determined the interval for transition phases, and traced commonalities in the evolution of each black hole eruption. The score looks like it came from a science fiction movie from the 1950s.

We are just beginning to use these reflections of light to reconstruct the environment closest to the black hole.

Happy Kara.

We have now shown that these echoes are generally observable, and we can examine the connections between the disk, the jet, and the plasma ring or the crown of a black hole in a new way.

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