Index - Science - Fish warfare: the indigenous swamp owl could become extinct

Index – Science – Fish warfare: the indigenous swamp owl could become extinct

Our native fish called the swamp póc has disappeared from the Orig Tor, and its stock in the upper Tisza region has also seriously decreased. The last time we saw our own ten centimeter fish in the Tor River was in 2011, it was Hungarian Fish Association.

Since 2019, researchers have tried to find samples seven times, but to no avail. In turn, hundreds of angry people were arrested from the Black Sea and (because of his name) from the Amur River in the Russian Far East. However, this predatory fish, which lived in swampy areas and at the bottom of rivers, appeared in galactic waters only in the 1990s to the 1990s. Other species of geese have appeared in Hungary in recent years, but the amurba is one of the most aggressive.

Not only in the Tisa region, but also in the Danube and even throughout Eurasia.

to the fullest gluttonyAlthough they do not have a floating bladder, so they cannot swim (float) properly, they do advance with their breasts. Or it lurks on stones and rocks with its molten bottom floats like a suction cup.

They were probably settled by aquarists in the waters around Moscow, from where they reached unknown countries, including Hungary. Because amurba is a rare and protected swamp spider food competitor And his predator, wherever he appears, will become king in a few years, because he will destroy not only the brood, but also the offspring of all our other fish.

Unlike the orcs, the swamp spider has a floating bladder, and one of its special features is that it can absorb oxygen directly from the swamp habitat, even if it is needed, even through its mouth. It also differs sharply from clumsy orcs in that it is an excellent swimmer, able to move its swimmers independently of each other.

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Our highly protected fish, also listed in the Hungarian Red Book, has remarkable value, and only two relatives live on Earth,

But nothing in Europe but in North America.

For now, we are powerless against hackers. Which is a big problem because exotic fish species (also) are severely damaging the local ecosystem. Despite the fact that many of our native predatory fish do not despise some of their species, gobies are so prolific that their natural enemies cannot control them. They literally flood our waters.

(Cover image: Swamp Póc. Image: Shutterstock)

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