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Index – Science – Elephants call each other by specific names

Index – Science – Elephants call each other by specific names

Elephants have developed complex social networks and communication systems, with the aim of managing groups and herds.

They communicate with a wide range of voices and convey a lot about themselves, their condition, dangerous situations, and the movements of their group. nature.

The new signal processing technique in the study was developed by Kurt Freestrup, and applying the new technology revealed subtle differences in the calls and revealed that elephants use random vocal signals, which could be names.

Animals use a rich array of sounds, gestures and chemical signals to communicate, sometimes using very low-frequency rumbles that can be heard far away, but we can't even hear them. These sounds play a crucial role in maintaining social bonds and coordinating movements, especially within herds.

When the researchers played back the recorded calls, the elephants reacted lively, recognizing the names of their own calls, but not the names of others' calls – that is, making a choice. Name calling often occurs when individuals are far apart from each other or when adults are communicating with calves.

There is also the question of whether specific names are also given to things and places. In addition to singing, elephants also use body language to convey information and emotions. They flap their ears back and raise their trunks to indicate aggression, submission, or excitement.

Physical contact is also important: they connect noses as a greeting. In chemical communication, odors tell about the emotional and reproductive state. They have pheromones in their urine, droppings, and secretions from glands near their eyes and feet that help them communicate over long distances.

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