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Index – Science – Dark forces work behind intelligence

Index – Science – Dark forces work behind intelligence

There are countless tests measuring emotional intelligence (EQ) on various websites, but if we (often rightly) do not consider them reliable enough, we can consult a psychologist to find out how competent we are. Why is it important to know? Our happiness, success, and the quality of our relationships depend to a large extent on how we behave, how we adapt to solve problems, whether we are empathetic, whether we are aware of our emotions and the feelings of others, whether we can regulate them, and whether we adapt easily. Even from this list, it is clear that emotional intelligence is present in every minute of our daily lives, and affects our work and health. Its quality and magnitude are mainly determined by childhood and upbringing experiences: if our parents were sympathetic to us, talked about their feelings and were curious about our feelings, our emotional intelligence is likely to be developed as well.

Back kickers

An emotionally intelligent person can be happy, useful and popular, because he cares about others, is able to work in a team, and is aware not only of his own mental state, but also of others. Yes, but it is precisely this great knowledge that can make him manipulative, just like the new student research It has been detected. Because they can also use their knowledge to control others, one need only think of the emotionally charged speeches of tyrants, the content of which is often empty, meaningless, or even hateful, but they engage the audience through emotions.

Emotionally intelligent people can hide their true selves and present themselves as charismatic and friendly in order to influence others’ objective judgments.

Since they recognize others quickly and skillfully decode their own emotions, it is not difficult for them to use deceptive strategies in order to move forward and thrive. For example, they may seem irresistible, charismatic, and if our self-confidence and self-esteem are not strong enough, if we are emotionally dependent on others and want to please them, we can easily become a victim.

In the same way, those who are weak in one of the major clusters of the five-factor model of personality (the Big Five) (extraversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism), the most popular personality type in psychology, are also happy to be accepted. Use emotional manipulation, or for whom Dark Triassicor triple trait – Paulhus and Williams’ 2002 definition is a combination of three personality traits: psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism.


But we can avoid their traps if we pay attention to some obvious signs. It is doubtful that they will trust you early in the beginning of a new relationship – in order to make us feel special – and therefore they can quickly influence us.

It also reveals inconsistent behavior: when actions and values ​​are not in harmony, dissonance occurs between words and actions.

Their manipulation tools include guilt, flattery, and small favors—which we then have to return a hundredfold.

In the absence of an equal pattern in emotional intelligence, for example, a person who is highly emotionally aware, but unable to cope with stressful situations, may overreact to stress.

At work, people with high emotional intelligence find it difficult to give negative feedback to colleagues, even if it is developmental in nature, and do not like to make unpopular decisions, even if they are in a leadership position. They take fewer risks, strive for perfection, and are characterized by very strong self-control.