Index – Science – Artificial intelligence has designed an mRNA vaccine against the coronavirus that is much better than before

The AI ​​has designed mRNA sequences with a more complex shape and structure than the current one, allowing the vaccine to remain in the body for longer than usual, he writes: nature.

The Baidu Research researchers confirm that the more stable the mRNA of a given person’s cells, the more antigens will be produced in the given organism. This leads to an increase in the number of antibodies, which makes the body more resistant to infectious diseases.

According to the research, the new type of vaccine also allows the vaccine to be transported more easily to different parts of the world. The reason for this is that the previous version of the vaccine had to be stored at temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius, but the new technology no longer required ultra-cold storage places.

Experts drew attention to another important finding. Accordingly

The new type of vaccine caused an increase in the body’s antibody responses by 128 times compared to the traditional vaccines.

The algorithm also helped increase the life span of the vaccine up to sixfold.

So far, researchers have only tested vaccines against COVID and shingles in mice, but the new technique may be useful in designing mRNA vaccines against other diseases.