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Index – Science and Technology – Will Google turn Gmail into a chat application?

Index – Science and Technology – Will Google turn Gmail into a chat application?

In recent weeks, more and more updates have been arriving for the Gmail mobile app continuously, and Google is clearly not following Apple’s tactics, generally releasing a major update to its apps once a year. Google, on the other hand, once it’s ready with a new feature, immediately makes it available to a certain percentage of users to see how the big name receives the new feature, even before it’s made available worldwide.

This is how it happened a few weeks ago with the appearance of emoji reactions, which completely divided users: some loved the innovation, while others climbed the wall directly from it. According to Index, email is based on a very old protocol, so large-scale innovations like Feedback can’t be implemented this way – Google itself solved this through a loophole that caused a lot of confusion. As it turns out, when someone sends a response to an email within Gmail, it’s actually a reply email, which the Google client cleverly hides and immediately deletes — instead of just displaying the reaction.

However, those who use a third-party client (such as Apple’s Mail app) will receive a separate message saying that someone has replied to their message, generating a lot of spam. Since then, Google has fine-tuned the functionality slightly, obviously because they wanted to reach a younger demographic; Just like with the update that’s rolling out now.

Google chats

Email has always been a more formal form of communication – answers are not instantaneous, and we express much more information in a message than in a Messenger message – but this resonates less with the younger generation. That’s one reason why Gmail has started testing a new feature that makes replying to emails more user-friendly.

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In the Gmail app, just as before, we can now choose between three options if we open a mail: Reply to sender, Reply to everyone on the mailing list, or Forward mail – however, if we clicked one of these options before , it opened a completely new interface, which was probably confusing to many; At least according to Google.

That’s why this interface has been completely redesigned in the new version of Gmail. The reply and forward buttons have been moved to the bottom of the screen, and when you click on them, the message bar opens – just like you would in the chat app.

At the moment, the innovation is only available to a limited number of users, but given the promising positive feedback, it is expected that Google will eventually decide to introduce it on a large scale, which could happen in the first half of next year at the earliest.

Other applications are also being redesigned

Naturally, Google hasn’t stopped developing its other apps either – in recent weeks, more and more users have reported that they received a completely redesigned Google Chat interface as part of the update, which displays conversations more efficiently, but YouTube has also received a smaller solicitation allowance. From now on, for example, if you watch videos in full screen mode, the video player will fill in the black bars caused by the inappropriate aspect ratio with ambient light, which is reminiscent of the Ambilight function in Philips TVs, with the difference, of course , the back panel of the phone itself will not emit light rays.