Index – Science and Technology – Humanity is preparing for an epoch-making step on the Moon

The British company’s engineers and scientists are working on the so-called “mini-reactor” programme, which is looking at how nuclear power can contribute to the maintenance of the planned lunar base. The hope is that this would provide enough energy to communicate and support life and experiences.

Rolls-Royce aims to have a prototype of the reactor ready by 2029. In order to achieve this goal, the company is cooperating with famous universities.

“Rolls-Royce’s innovative research can lay the foundations for a man setting foot on the moon, while strengthening the wider UK space sector, creating jobs and generating further investment,” said Paul Butt, chief executive of the UK Space Agency.

The decision to support the lunar base project comes as humans prepare to return to the moon for the first time in more than 50 years. Sky News mentioned. NASA’s Artemis mission, launched in November, aims to return astronauts, including the first woman, to the lunar surface by the end of 2025.

(Cover photo: A Visual design of the Rolls-Royce miniature nuclear reactor . (Photo: Rolls-Royce Submarines Ltd/Handout/AFP)