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Index – Science and Technology – A dangerous virus that attacks mobile phones

Index – Science and Technology – A dangerous virus that attacks mobile phones

As from a recent article on ZDNet it turns outPeople using Android phones should be especially careful to avoid a Trojan called SpyNote, which has already caused problems last year.

The program was repeatedly encountered by F-Secure employee, Amit Tambe, who also analyzed its activities. Thus he realized that SpyNote primarily wanted to obtain the user’s financial data.

As mentioned in the article, the Trojan uses phishing to spy on unsuspecting users by asking them to download the APK installation file via SMS. If this happens, it also requests other access from the user,

By enabling this, there is almost nothing that the program cannot access in the future.

As it turns out, once SpyNote obtains certain powers, it hides on the phone and collects some data. In addition to the ability to record audio or video, you can track all activities on the phone.

It can also steal a user’s login credentials to various websites and access location information. Apart from the above, the most worrying thing is that you can also access banking data, which can have serious consequences.

However, according to a ZDNet article

It is difficult to remove the program from devices with a simple click of a button, as it is necessary to restore the factory settings.

As they point out, in order to prevent SpyNote from getting your data, don’t click on any links you receive from unknown senders in SMS or email, and only download apps from the Play Store that come from a trusted developer and from your device. Comments are good.