Index - Science - Academic year: Tips to make sure you get a high school diploma

Index – Science – Academic year: Tips to make sure you get a high school diploma

This time Janos Valeria is made with tips that can bring extra points with less learning. To do this, you need to know what mistakes you should not make in any way and what exactly you need to put on your to-do list.

In the written final, candidates will first receive short-answer questions. An important rule is to use a blue pen for the exam and it is important that the candidate write legibly. Then the teacher listed the mistakes that students often make, for example, if someone misspelled, no matter how good their content is, they will not get a point. The spelling dictionary in test rooms can be very useful, and it can be used with confidence in solving tasks. The coach also provided concrete examples to put his advice into practice.


At the intermediate level, the candidate must write two essays, three at the advanced level, one short, one long, and one complex. The worksheet offers several options. It is important for the candidate to be brief and it is very important that he pay attention to the following aspects in his/her work:

  • Understand the mission
  • Orientation in time and place
  • Communication and use of technical language
  • Gaining knowledge using resources
  • Factors that shape events

What exactly the above covers, Valeria Janussi explained in detail in her presentation, as well as the mistakes that candidates most often make. Which, according to the coach, can still be used to earn points: if the student went to bed the day before, he will not forget to eat breakfast on the day of the exam, will graduate on time, bring food, with a blue pen, an atlas of history, and most importantly.

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