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Index – Science – A relatively stable weight can extend a woman’s life

Index – Science – A relatively stable weight can extend a woman’s life

New and unique In the study (So ​​the relationship between aging and weight in women has not yet been studied.) More than 54,000 women have participated in the Women’s Health Initiative programme. It found that those who didn’t lose a lot of weight as they got older were 1.2 to 2 times more likely to live longer than those who lost 5 percent or more of their weight.

Fifty-six percent of the women in the study lived to be 90 or older, but those who intentionally lost 5 percent of their weight were 51 percent less likely to live into old age.

Interestingly, however, weight gain of 5% or more did not affect their lifespan compared to those who maintained a stable weight.

The first author of the study, Aladdin Shadyab, said that being overweight is common among older women in the United States, with a body mass index between 25 and 35, and that this is not healthy. But losing weight is also not good if it happens unintentionally and suddenly, because it can be a warning sign of poor health or disease.

According to the study, a slight increase in weight with age does not affect longevity, but rather a stable weight, which in turn has a positive effect – but of course if the doctor recommends weight loss for health reasons, it is worth keeping this in mind. .

This is the first major study looking at weight changes in later life and how they relate to a longer life. The result is that maintaining a stable body weight is of primary importance among older women.