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Index – Science – A Hungarian astronomer warned of a dangerous solar explosion

Index – Science – A Hungarian astronomer warned of a dangerous solar explosion

The expert said that we are heading towards the next maximum solar activity expected for the year 2025, and this is the reason for the appearance of more and more spots on the surface of the sun. Several news sources have reported that a high-energy flame, called a Class X flame can explode in the spotting area – László Kiss was quoted by Infostart.

And the astronomer added: It is not unreasonable that if this explodes now, the gas cloud will also hit the Earth, which may cause magnetic storms, and perhaps also a strong impact on the technological civilization on Earth.

Let’s take heart from the fact that if there was such a class X glow, it wouldn’t be directed toward Earth!

– said Laszlo kissing.

The astronomer confirmed: when a plasma cloud ejected by a solar flare reaches our region, the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with charged particles. As a result, changes in the magnetic field excite an electric current, which can really blow fuses, in which case millions of people could be left without electricity. In addition, it can interfere with GPS satellites, making the accuracy of the signals helping to determine the location impossible – as noted by László Kiss.

And he stressed that space weather can have a variety of effects on our lives on Earth, from a biological and civilizational technical point of view, so we must pay attention to it.