Index - Science - 2500-year-old coffins were discovered in Saqqara

Index – Science – 2500-year-old coffins were discovered in Saqqara

Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, revealed some of the finds on Monday, including 35 painted wooden sarcophagi in a UNESCO World Heritage site south of Cairo.

The coffins that are over 2,500 years old are in good condition, and mummies have all been found in them.

I am very proud that the discovery was made by the Egyptians and it will not be the last discovery here

Saeed Mustafa Waziri.

An amazing amount of archaeological treasure

The Egyptian archaeological mission has conducted a fourth excavation at the site since April 2018, and the fifth hole will take place in September after the hot summer months. This find is one of the discoveries made in recent years in Saqr, the cemetery of the ancient capital, Memphis.

These are the most famous bronze sarcophagi and statues discovered by the Egyptian expedition near the famous pyramid of Khosrow.

Writes national news.

A rare scroll of papyrus was also found, about 9 feet long, that may have been part of the Book of the Dead. Waziri said that the tradition of funerary manuscripts dates back to the Old Kingdom.

The statues displayed in the large glass display included deities such as Isis, Osiris and Bast, the protector of the cats in the region, and Imhotep, who is believed to be the architect of Jose’s pyramid. There are also two larger statues in the gallery depicting the goddesses Isis and Nephi weeping.

Other antiques were found more than 3,200 years ago, during the New Empire, and included items used for cosmetic purposes, such as combs, bracelets, necklaces, small pots, and mirrors. All items are due to be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum by September and then to other Egyptian museums for further examination before a decision is made on the venue for the final display.

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